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Ever Clean Your Radiator Fins?

Kevin H

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We ran through a storm of bugs yesterday. It sounded like it was raining. The front end of our truck is caked with bugs. I had to stop twice in 50 miles to clean off the windshield. That got me to thinking...


Should I clean the fins on my radiator? How is this done? I considered taking it to a car wash but am concerned the high pressure water will bend the fins.


Any thoughts or suggestions? Temp is fine but I'm not pulling my trailer right now. Don't know if anything will be affected when I pull in a couple months.

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Dish soap, a hose, and get up there to hose them with the right amount of rinsing pressure.


You are right in that high pressure will bend the fins. Never go up there to service it without a fin comb. Since every condenser coil fins are spaced differently most fin combs have several sets of teeth. Click on this link to see pics of fin combs: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ac+condenser+fin+comb&qpvt=ac+condenser+fin+comb&qpvt=ac+condenser+fin+comb&FORM=IGRE


All you do is match up the fin spacing to the right or closest comb spacing and gently drag the comb through the fins from top to bottom. There is an art to it that takes a few minutes only to master enough to get the job done.


Once you have a fin comb you can straighten the coil fins on your vehicles too.

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I made up an extension for the air nozzle that connects to my air compressor from copper tubing, using a flared fitting to connect it and pinching the other end down to a small opening after bending it 90° at the other end. I made mine up to be about 12" longer than the vertical height of the radiator to reach it all and then I blow it back from the engine side out toward the grill. That has seemed to work pretty well and I usually do this one or two times per year.

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