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HMMM...gotta weigh this rig....


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Acquired a 2006 Keystone Cambridge with a GVWR of 16980 lbs. Had it at Camping World taking care of some pre purchase inspection items.......went to pick up camper and I had to back into the service lot to hook up camper because the fork lift they used to shuttle campers wouldn't turn because the rear tires were just skimming the asphalt. it does have a 5500 watt genny and the fork lift had the 5th wheel adapter pretty near the end of the forks but the pin must be pretty heavy. Volvo doesn't care about the weight. My trailer saver 2 bag hitch does work much better with this coach, though. I use my 2500 Ram to park the camper in the shed due to tight quarters and trying not to tear up the grass too much and it groaned and squatted pretty good when I retracted the landing gear. Added to my ' important' list....WEIGH RIG, ASAP. Charlie

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