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Winnebago Front window leaks

Mr&Mrs Duet

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I've read about the problem some Winnebago motor homes have with the front window leaking.


What is the way to tell if that is happening to a motor home during a prebuy inspection?


We are going to look at a 2006 Journey, is that one of the models affected?




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From our experience the leaks have come from a damaged seal around the window. Have had two windows replaced. a good installer can check for you, but it may cost some money. Have had a bad experience with a company called RV Glass. They did not do us RIGHT. One of our leaks came from a VERY POOR INSTALL in Denver.


Once they get the seal correct NO problems!


Safe Travels!

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The Winnebago issue is due to rust on the steel frame the glass is glued to.

Both sides (I have two windshields instead of one large one) developed rust and one leaked. The first one did not leak but did crack. You might try raising the edging - it is not really a seal - and see if you can spot any signs of rust. My drivers side cracked and leaked at the top. I could see the rust on the glass where it leaked in. Winnebago replaced both windshields, removed the rust and painted the frame with some sort of rust protection. I and my insurance had to pay for both. One (passenger side) about five years after I bought it new in 2004 and the other a few years later.

No problems after that.

I don't think the problem is restricted to any specific models or model years.

Although you hear a lot about it - Winnebago is a very popular brand and there are a lot of them out there - and I suspect it is not as prevalent a problem as you might think. I full timed for 12 years and out of all of the Winnebagos I came in contact with, I am the only one that had it - or at least mentioned it.

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Just yesterday a windshield was replaced in a Winnie Adventure across from us in the CG. A one piece windshield. After getting the old glass out there was rust at some places on the metal. The glass folks coated it with a rust inhibitor before replacing the windshield. The reason it was being replaced was a truck in front of her kicked up a lug nut that came thru the glass and hit her in the chest. Don't know if the vehicle lost the lug nut or it was kicked up off the road surface.

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I'm headed out to have a look at the coach today.

If you are serious about buying, I suggest that you get a professional to inspect the RV before you buy it, as they can usually spot any signs of leaks, past or present. Like others here, I have a high degree of respect for Winnebago products but any RV can experience abuse or neglect if it has been around for as long as 9 years. Care and condition of a used RV is everything, no matter who the coach builder was.

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