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Oops need the experts


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I have a 1999 Winnebago Ultimate Freedom with an RVP 6636-871 air conditioner
located next to the engine in the rear. I also have a Freedom 20
Heart Interface inverter/charger supported by all new batteries, good connections, and clean terminals.

Both were working fine thru the last 12 months. However, all of a sudden, after plugging into a 50 amp pedistal that had 123 on both legs, the inverter/charger is not charging and the air conditioner is blowing warm air and the compresser is not comming on.

The only problem I found was my 50amp plug had a couple of disconnected wires which was causing me to have only one live leg in the plug. After fixing the plug and plugging it back in these things stopped working.


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Are you telling us that what was not working before you repaired the wires is now works and what is not working now did work before the repair? If that is so, I'd take another look at the power plug as you may have lost the other hot leg.

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Many more details would be helpful. Like which specific wires were loose.


Just a thought, is there any chance the loose wires caused an "open neutral" condition? That could cause 240 volts going to some of your circuits.


An internet search for "RV 50 amp open neutral" will give some websites with more info.

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Kirk, if the wires were connected wrong would that have this effect? My EMS will not allow/pass an incorrect connection. We have virtually the same MH.

If you use a builtin EMS system then the improperly wired cord could be sensed for some things, but I don't know if it would pass a single leg or not as I've never tested that. If you use a portable, then the cord is downstream of the EMS so it would not catch even the worst case of incorrectly wired power plug and of course, there is noting to indicate that Dennis has an EMS of any kind.

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I have figured out what happened. I had a senior moment of some sort.

1 - I pull into the park, plug in my "surge guard" to the pedestal and my plug into my surge guard

2 - no power to the rv, the window on the surge guard is all cloudy and I can't read a thing.

3 - I figure it is the pedestal so I check it with my meter , 123 on each side

(Senior moment) - never occurred to me to check my plug

4 - the park tech checks things out and replaces the old beat up looking plug

5 - still no power coming through the surge guard, can't read what it says in the window

6 - finally check my plug - three loose wires

(Senior moment) - I only see two of the loose wires. The "White" neutral is short and I don't notice it.

7 - I tighten up the two wires I see

8 - since I know the pedestal is good I put my plug directly into the pedestal.

9 - I hear a noise, short and sweet like a breaker tripping.

10 - I unplug and turn on the generator for the rest of the night

at this point my basement air is blowing warm air because the compressor won't come on and the lights on my inverter/charger panel are off

11 - I run my roof backup unit and go to bed

12 - in the morning all the batteries are dead

13 - I jump start the coach and go home.

By this time my wife is mad as hell and I feel like the dum-ass of the year.

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Yo Dennis, don't feel bad, I bet many who RV much at all have had similar experiences (I KNOW I have) or they lie about it lol. The old KISS principle applies and I know I have at times failed to try the simple things first and ended up doing all sorts of troubleshooting using meters and test equipment to discover it was the most basic simple problem had I took a deep breath before jumping in the water lol Absent a normal Neutral return path, current may seek a path no tellin where!!!!!


John T

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