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Pretty positive we are starting ft as soon as house sells

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Hi all, I was here a few years back, but we weren't able to ft as had dad living with us. Dad passed away in March and if house sells before winter weather, then fown douth this winter, if not house will be back up in Feb. We have to stay in Nova Scotia our home province 5 months for medical. One issue is all campgrounds in NS close mid Oct , open Mid May, so we will have to go to ON for Oct, Nov before we go south cos can't stay in states that long, then same thing in March ect.... painbut can't figure any other way, no family driveway big enough and gets pretty cold here.

also we have a 2013 34ft durango but don't want to ft with it, saw a titanium 29 ft that is 2006 but we really liked. Any ideas on ft with titanium? Few bugs to work out but think we are getting more ready as been thinking this for long while.

Thanks any thoughts or ideas welcome.


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Condolences on the passing of your dad. I lost my mum at 19 and dad lived with us afterwards until his passing, and still today we chuckle about his little idiosyncrasies in the family we still miss almost 3 decades later. Just a thought and maybe not even an option for you, but have you ever considered changing your domicile within Canada out West?


We have same issue on the 5 months with AB (be curious to know how one proves not meeting that criteria if paying cash for a month or two here and there for fuel/groceries?), and wish to keep our domicile there for taxation advantages, but can easily pop over to less severe weather parts of BC if we need to hang out a little longer before heading south over the border, especially if we've chosen to spend a couple summer months some years in Alaska or on the North east/west US coasts?


Congratulations on heading into a new phase in your lives, we're about year and half to go yet to FT, but in the interim been going on more and more extended trips the past handful of years, and can't wait to release the final shackles that bind.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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