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8 Military Terms Civilians Always Get Wrong


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This is a great article. Below are the terms and you have to click on the link to read what the correct meaning of the term is in the Military.com article. I even got a few wrong! :o




"We know it’s hard to keep track of military lingo and technical terms, that’s why we’ve published so many guides (Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, Navy). But there are some terms that the media — especially Hollywood — just can’t stop getting wrong when referring to the military.


1. Bazooka


2. Missile/Rocket/bomb


3. Soldier


4. Humvee/Hummer


5. Commander


6. UFO


7. Collateral Damage


8. Gun"


Pictures of each and the description of what each term really means and how many folks aren't at all right when using those terms can be found here: http://undertheradar.military.com/2015/07/8-military-terms-civilians-always-get-wrong/#ixzz3gfKmN7QO

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I remember basic training, when we(no I in platoon) made that mistake the drill sergeant made us(as we ran the track W/ our rifle held overhead) repeat: This is my rifle, this is my gun,one is for fightin_______. When I became a drill sergeant we could not have trainees say or do that. Ahh, the good ole days.

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Yes, being an ex Combat Arms Instructor, we heard that from the old heads, but by 1975 all of that was passé. Couldn't call basics stupid so we'd have them pick up a rock, hold it high, and tell their flight "I'm as smart as this rock!" Over and over until we told them to stop. I wasn't qualified to determine if they were smarter than the rock. :blink:;)

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How about the nonsensical radio jargon "Over and Out"?


When an RTO says "Over" it indicates that they have stopped transmitting and are waiting for a reply.


When they say "Out" it means that they are hanging up.


So "over and out" means that it's your turn to talk, and I'm awaiting your reply, but I'm hanging up. :wacko:



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