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Wondering if this slide is extending out all the way...


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Was wondering if a more seasoned RVr could tell me if this looks right to them. I picked up this RV a few weeks ago and I've been going through fixing up the things that need fixing.


Anyway, while lubricating the slides I noticed a couple things.


The first thing I noticed was a small rip in the seal on the bottom of the bed room slide. I'm not sure it merits replacing.. but if I do decide to tackle the job is there a certain technique to doing so?


The second thing is that the slide doesn't appear to be extending all the way out. I get this impression because the windows aren't clearing the seals. I found a nut that seems to be the adjuster nut for telling the slide when to stop, but before I back it off a couple turns I wanted to make sure that I'm correct in thinking it's not extending all the way and get any advice on doing it.


I've attached some pictures to show what I'm talking about.






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Appears to me you are exactly right. On the inside, the slide-room trim should be with 1/2" or less from the exterior wall. Who made the slide mechanism is the key to locating the slide adjustment manual on the internet. I recommend baby steps here, too much is a bad thing, perhaps a 1/2 turn at a time, but don't operate the mechanism to quickly/often or something may overheat and cause another problem.

Repairing that rip_ if it isn't too large, a product named "last glue" works wonderfully gluing stuff like that back together. I discovered it at a flea market booth, and was impressed when the guy cut a fan belt in two, glued it back together, and immediately hung it from a hook and swung on the belt. Some form of super glue. The key to it's use is following directions.

I'm not connected with that company in any fashion, just a satisfied user. I still have a 5-yr old bottle in my frig., which still works great. Apparently it works by the absence of air. Downside, it's expensive compared to regular Super Glue. I think i paid $20 for a small bottle then.

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