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RLI Insurance Company


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I recently received a renewal quote from my current insurance company (National Interstate) for my truck and trailer with an increase of $296. My agent asked for a quote from other insurance companies and received a quote from RLI Insurance Company that was $448 LESS than the quote from NI, which makes it even less than my previous year's cost. I compared the two quotes line item for line item, and something very odd stood out. Although the total amount from RLI was much lower than the quote from NI, every line item amount for the both the truck and trailer was larger than the quote from NI, with two exceptions. The two exceptions are Bodily Injury/Property Damage and Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury. NI's quote for the two are $548 and $133 respectively. RLI's quote for the two are $195 and $91 respectively. It is only because of these two line items that RLI's quote is so much less than NI's. As I indicated above, every other line item in RLI's quote is more than NI's. I am feeling uneasy about RLI's quote because of these two line items. Am I being overly concerned?


I have never heard of RLI Insurance Company. Has anyone else? Does anyone have insurance with them?



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