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Owners Manual?


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I bought a Rockwood Mini Lite 1809S from 2009 is there an owners manual available online that I can download that tells me how to use everything I am a novice. I need to understand all the buttons, tanks, gas, electric, everything

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My first thought is that you should try contacting the manufacturer, Forest River/Rockwood via the internet. It is also possible that a local dealer might be able to help. Another place that you might find some help would the the Forest River forums which is their owner's group. All of that said, most RV owner's manuals are of very little value as they depend upon the manuals from each appliance manufacturer to explain the care & use of that appliance. When you purchase an RV new, it comes with a small owner's manual from the company and a lager package containing the owner's manual from each appliance that the factory installed. Those manuals are the only thing which explains the use of the appliances. You can get copies of those by contacting each of the appliance manufacturers as most have their manuals available online and there are also places like Bryant RV that have at least some of the manuals on their websites.

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Owners manuals that come with the camper are nothing more than cupboard filler. Mine is so sad that my hydraulic slide system came with a manual that explains how my electric slides work. You would be further ahead to find a camping buddy and ask questions on how the systems work. For the most part all campers have the same systems and they all work very simmilar. Sometimes switches will be in different locations and such but they are all pretty much the same. Heck you could even take pictures of the systems you are having trouble with. I'm sure there are plenty of people here that can walk you through it.


I get asked how something works at least a couple times a year. I just had a guy ask a couple weeks ago if we could switch Tailgaters for a minute to make sure he didnt get a bad one cause he couldnt get it to work. When I seen him start to unhook it I noticed he had the cable screwed to the side of his trailer. Once I pointed out that it would not work with the trailer wiring and we hooked it up properly he was able to watch his daughters soccer game that night. Turns out she was a professional. I thought that was kinda neat

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Forest River News :(


RV manufacturers Spartan Motors, Inc. and Forest River Inc. are paying stiff penalties to the federal government for failing to recall some of their products in a timely fashion. Forest River has been fined $35 million; five million of that must be paid in cash, the balance will be deferred. Spartan has been fined $9 million; one million will be paid in cash, five million deferred, and three million will be applied to improving its procedures and practices, as well as other government requirements.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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