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Question about Lippert frame issues on Presidential 5th wheels


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I know that there have been many conversations about Lippert frame problems. However I seem to remember that there some specific issues on some HR Presidential models in a certain year range

My brother is considering looking at a couple but for the life of me I can't find remember when there problems, what the failure issues were and what had to be repaired. Was it bad welds??? Where on the frame were these welds?


He is also considering a 2006 Landmark made by Heartland and I remember that Heartland did fix some even out of warranty


Any info you can point me to would be helpful

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We have a '13 Landmark and I keep an eye on the welds up front. Some welds look very good, some look like a first weld by a student.


I have not heard of frame cracks on Landmark's but wouldn't doubt it. I wonder if there is anyway to get an eyeball on some of the critical areas? Maybe loading the pin to look for movement?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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