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Cabling my Back Up Monitor from dash to luggage compartment

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OK, so I'm finally getting around to installing my back-up camera that was shown by Jack at the HDT Rally in Hutch back in 2013. Yeah, I'm a little slow, other stuff happening.

What I am really wanting to do is run my monitor cable back to the luggage compartment so that as I add cameras to the system (quad system) all I need is to run the camera cable to there in order to plug in. A lot easier than running all camera cables under the flooring of the cab, up into the dash, and then I won't have to take the dash apart anymore. (It's pretty easy though)


My problem is that the monitor cable does not reach far enough to meet up with the 4 camera plugs in the compartment.


I have already communicated with Steve at Leviathan and his supplier does not manufacture longer monitor cables or 12 pin extensions.


So what are your ideas on this? I could use the help.


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I believe Monoprice used to fabricate custom cables. I forget what giant bought them a few years ago so, I'm not sure if custom fabrication is still available from them. The "standard" cables and other products they sell have always been of good quality. I've ordered from Monoprice several times and would not hesitate to order again.



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I typically run an 8-9 wire security cable from the drivers storage to the dash area. In the dash area I wire the 8-9 video feeds to a selector and then into the monitor. The monitor typically will only handle four inputs (or less), thus the additional selector. I custom wire that portion.


Then, in the drivers storage I bring all the camera feeds - including the three from the trailer and just send video forward on the security cable.

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I'd just get a shorter truck...

I think you mean shorter cab!


Went to Fry's today, and the real only option I have is to build my own since he said these are proprietary to the camera. He then directed me to the 9 pin cable and said I should scrape a blade across the cable I have to make sure they are color wires inside.


For me, it's going to be easier to just hook up my hitch camera and call it done. If I ever add my rear trailer camera to the mix, then I will deal with it then.


Thanks for the help guys.

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The Leviathan cameras are colored wire inside. No issue with cutting off the connector and patching into other stuff. I solder the connections but you don't have to. I have two of them connected with wire nuts at the moment because I'm re-doing things. They have been like that for a year with no issues. Guess I better get that job "done".

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Thanks Jack. At least I now know that they are colored. Since I have already run the hitch camera cable all the way up to the dash, I'm just going to connect everything there for now. And yes, as I've already shown (owning the system and now finally installing it) if I really ever add another camera, I'll then have all the knowledge I need to do the work. Of course, like you, it'll be one of those get around to it projects.


Thanks guys.

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" connected with wire nuts "


​Heretic! Blasphemer! A pox on your house. That is a cardinal sin in the world of move-able housing, but I know you know this. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yup....but it was a temporary setup.....still is. And sill working fine......just shows you that wire nuts can work "for awhile".... ;)

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