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Magnum Inverter / Power Loss Question


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I have a good issue. My inverter does such a fine job that if I lose power at the pedestal (breaker trips) the inverter takes over and I don't realize it until the batteries reach a level where the inverter shuts everything down. Normally this is not the case because we have either AC or HPs running but this year we are in a very cool environment and are not using either very much.

My question is whether there is a setting or a trick that I can use to help me recognize when the "shift" takes place (we lose pedestal power or the inverter takes over for any reason)? I guess I could shut the inverter off unless I purposely want to turn it on - is this what most folks do?




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If you have Auto Generator Start (AGS) module for the Magnum, you could set it to come on at a higher then normal SOC. Say 85% SOC. Of course, the alarm is still prudent, as your AGS settings could have blackout times set from say 10:00PM to 6:00AM (or whatever you set it to be). So, still a risk of running things down.


We keep our inverter on 7/24 while traveling, for the residential fridge and for the puppy too.


We had an interesting failure of power in a park a few days back. The park did not have individual breakers at each site plug in. They had a box that contained anywhere from just two, to up to four, sites. The gent next to us, turned our breaker off by accident, as he was working on his electrical system. Never figured out why he just did not unplug his cord, if he wanted to disconnect. Wife had the convection oven on, the TV, Genie, and Stereo Receiver were on too. If we had not got hot and I went to turn on the AC - where 10 mins later it had not kicked in - I would not have known we had a power failure:)! Talking to the gent next door, it had been about 40-50 mins, and when I realized we'd had a power failure, we were at 83% SOC already. Suspect the convection oven consumes some power:)!


So, on my shopping list at the next big Lowes or Home Depot, is the audible alarm via power failure:)! We do have our AGS set at 75% SOC, and were a few hours away from quite time settings, so it would have been a good test of the system. (I did set the AGS to 90% SOC when we first were setting things up, and then ran some loads, and sure enough the AGS did kick in:)! But, that's been 2 1/2 years so testing again would not hurt:)!


Best to all,


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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