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US-2 thru Duluth, Minn area - much congestion?


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In August I will be towing our 5th-wheel from central Nebraska to near Ashland, Wis. I generally stay off the interstates and take US and state roads instead. I feel that gives me a better taste of our beautiful country.

I especially try to stay away from congestion.

Here's the route I'm considering. (Yeah, I know there are shorter and faster routes.):

US-83N from North Platte, Neb to I-94 (near Bismark).

I-94E to Fargo, ND

US-10E from Fargo to Detroit Lakes, Minn

Minn.Hwy 34 and Minn Hwy 200 from Detroit Lakes to US-2 (NW of Floodwood, Minn).

US-2 thru Duluth & Superior to Ashland.


How does that look to you guys?

What about going thru Duluth and Superior? Would I run into much congestion? Would I be better off, congestion wise, by going south of Duluth, say to Hinckley before turning east?


Also, do you have RV park/Campground suggestions for along this route?



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We came through Duluth a few weeks back. There were road works that required a detour through the back blocks to get from I35 to US2. (We were going from I35 onto US2 west bound). It was bucketing down rain at the time and we were only in a pickup and it stressed the navigator!!! We came from Ashland.



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