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hitch leveling valve?


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I have a trailersaver hitch that I would like to add a leveling valve to. I currently just have the pneumatic switch in the cab, which is fine. However, I would love to just hook, supply air and travel not worrying about it. I have checked the resource guide and did not find anything, which does not mean its not there, i am just using my phone. I also remember that someone here had added a leveling valve but no luck searching it either. So, if someone has done this and would be willing to share notes, i would appreciate it.

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I did it. It was not without a pitfall or two along the way. Pictures were posted by someone else.


I used a standard leveling valve, it really doesn't matter the source. I drilled and tapped the lower outer frame of the hitch, and used an existing hole in the pivot, using a large bolt that fit the hole. Drilled and tapped the end of the large bolt to accept a ball for the linkage socket, creating a linkage with a ball/socket on each end for adjustment purposes.


I'd grab some pictures for you, but we're leaving in an hour and won't be back for a few days.

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I used a levelling valve as well. Some will dump the air if you add another air line to it. It is nice to be able to air the hitch down to disconnect or level the trailer and not disconnect . I regularly drop the air from th suspension and hitch to lower the front of the trailer to level and not disconect

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I bought a leveling valve off ebay for about $25 bucks. Works great. Make sure you attach it to the tail of the hitch, as that moves the farthest and will give you the most accurate control of height. I don't dump mine, I set down the trailer jacks and raise up just a bit until I hear the valve start releasing air. Then wait about 30 sec. and the hitch head will "drop away" about on 1/8" of an inch. At that point Just unhitch and pull out.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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