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Our Defective 3M Diamond Shield Has Been Removed!


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We were quoted $1300.00 to have the defective diamond shield removed from our motorhome. We new it was a task that had to be addressed when we purchase the motorhome a few months ago. Moisture was filling the cracks in the shield and causing mold to grow underneath.


We sought some guidance that we followed to the tee. 40 man hours over the course of 4 weeks and a lot of patience later using a steamer and plastic razor blades the film was carefully removed.


Step two was to remove the glue that remained with an industrial strength solvent. We only suffered a few paint chips during the process. The final step is to buff and polish before hitting the road!


The photo left is during the film removal photo right is during the glue removal.


I have added photos of the tools used below. This has taken about 6 weeks to complete. It is messy and toxic so allow about 30 minutes at the end of each day to clean up. The 3M solvent is about $25.00 a quart and you will need about a gallon and a half perhaps more.




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Rapid remover works you can get it on Amazon. The solvent you can buy the solvent at O'Reillys the one we purchased was made in Carrolton TX. We also used 3M and it is expensive $25.00 a quart at O'Reillys.


The folks at the body shop that explained the process told us any solvent purchased at an auto parts would work. The Rapid remover is not as harsh and a lot more pleasant to work with.


I have added photos of everything used below.

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Thank goodness you took your time. I saw a guy removing his last winter in Fl. who got impatient, and ended up pulling off the paint in a number of places. Now he has to pay to have it painted.

I found working 4 hours a day max helped. I also had to sometimes take a day or two off. It is a very slow go. We now have another 6 hours into getting wax no it so hopefully the bugs will just slide off.


I also use Wash Wax All on a regular basis on the front of our motorhomes which really helps.


I just wish who ever had the grand idea of putting this "Diamond Shield" on had to come take it off! :rolleyes:

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Great job! I'm just curious as to where the motorhome has been the majority of time - east or west.


Ours was a 2004 and when we recently sold it the Diamond Shield was like new - absolutely no mold or cracks. We did keep it waxed good, as we did the motorhome, also. However, our travels with it were in the west.


I've seen posts of it getting moldy often on various forums and it seemed that owners were from the eastern states. I always wondered if the damp, humid conditions contributed to the problem. Perhaps eastern owners should never have this installed.


Ourselves, we really liked having it installed. It protected the front from dings and bugs slid off.

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The motorhome was it a covered port in central Texas it's entire life until we purchased it in December. It was facing a westerly direction so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. There was another motorhome a few years newer facing the opposite direction and it had no issues. The heat of the sun directly on it may have had more to do with it than location.


The paint & body shop that gave us the instructions on how to take it off said they are no longer installing them.


I just finished waxing it this morning :)


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