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T-Mobile's New 'Mobile Without Borders' - Great Option for Mexico & Canada RVing!

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As a Canadian I got all excited thinking I could say Bye Bye High Priced Bell Mobility until I got to the end and saw this caveat :( :( :(


The one big limitation: you need to have a US address, the plan needs to be initially activated in the US, and you need to spend at least half your time in the USA over the course of a year. This isn't a plan suitable for Canadians, alas.


Now if the USA can finally extend our time to the 7 months that's been proposed forever, then this could help rock our Canadian mobile providers to the core, as many Canadians have USA addresses they can utilize. Now that would be awesome.


As always thanks for highlighting Technomadia, glad you are having a blast in Alaska :)

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Canadian cellular providers have always overcharged customers. Over the years I used Bell & Rogers (including Cantel & Fido). Then while visiting Watertown NY, I dropped into a Cingular store, where the store manager was an Aboriginal from New Brunswick and was returning to her reservation in a week. She offered me a dynamite plan - 450 anytime minutes North-American wide (including Puerto Rica & the Virgin Islands) for the same price as what Fido was charging me for 250 minutes + roaming charges.


When AT&T took back Cingular, they were unhappy with my calling mostly from Canada, so we parted company - that was about 6 or 7 years ago. So I switched over to Verizon and got a similar deal. I made it known to them that I would be making use of the service in Canada, and their answer was that I was paying for that plan so they had not issues with my using it.


I'm still with Verizon - spending more as the plan is unlimited US, 1000 minutes Canada, unlimited text and 10Gb data in the US. For Canadian data, when I'm away from home, I use a Rogers data stick. The one thing I noticed is that the coverage in the US with Verizon is awesome. Not only that, but I get good coverage when I travel in northern Ontario (the home of T-Bay Tel).


At one point, when I had done an Android update, the phone set mobile data on in Canada. This ran up a bill for just under $400. I called Verizon and explained that I use wi-fi only in Canada and that this must have happened when I had the Android update. 2 days later Verizon called to tell me that they totally cancelled the billing -- this level of customer service is completely foreign to Canadian telecoms, particularly Rogers.

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My assistant is from Canada and she just got back from a vacation way up in Ontario.

She has the T-Mobile plan and is happy that she doesn't have to pay extra but she also stated that the service is spotty

when you get away from the big cities.

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It's too bad that T-Mobile doesn't have better coverage. I check their coverage maps once in awhile because I like their prices, but for the places we travel in the winter (we're snowbirds), they have either no coverage or very limited coverage.

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Yup, they're not an ideal choice for US use for most of us. But the new Canadian plan rocks.


We were just up in Vancouver when this feature went live and had better and faster coverage than any of our local friends. And better than any prepaid plan we could acquire directly in Canada (we picked a phone plan up on chatr with 1GB of tetherable data for $44/month.)


We could utilize Telus, Rogers and Bell.. all from the same $20 T-Mobile iPad plan.


BTW.. Verizon just countered with their new Canada/Mexico offer.. not nearly as snazzy, but adds another options:

Verizon Offers “Mexico & Canada” Roaming Plan

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