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Hacking Team Flash Zero Day Weaponized in Exploit Kits


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Yesterday I posted that a hacker team zero day vulnerability was getting patched. The patch has been released. If you are slow and put these off do it now. Windows 7 users don't forget to close the Browser window and in the Control panel close the Flash.exe if you used that way to securely update. If you close the Browser and the update link in the Control Panel Flash program it will keep installing just fine. If it fails you left one or both open no problem just start over.


Windows 8 users go to Windows update and it is already there. Just do your Windows updates. I also had two non critical to install for a total of four.


Today that exploit is out in the wild looking to get the folks that disregard notices of patches. This one could get any of us bitten.




"Handlers for three major exploit kits have managed to utilize in short order a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player uncovered among the 400 Gb of data stolen from Hacking Team.


Experts, including French researcher Kafeine and a number of others from security companies, revealed last night that the Angler, Neutrino, and Nuclear kits had incorporated exploits for the zero day, which Adobe has patched.


The Hacking Team breach was disclosed on Sunday and by Monday afternoon, word of the Flash zero day, along with an unpatched Windows kernel vulnerability, was circulating. Though the Hacking Team data included only a proof of concept that opened the computer’s calculator, an extensive read-me document that accompanied it likely helped pave the way to the exploits.


Adobe issued an advisory late Tuesday afternoon that it would today release an updated Flash Player.


The vulnerability, CVE-2015-5119, affects Flash Player version and earlier for Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems."


See more at: https://threatpost.com/hacking-team-flash-zero-day-weaponized-in-exploit-kits/113663#sthash.pGiE8UvS.dpuf

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Thanks! Gosh some are luckier than I. I have a friend who says he never updates his Vista computer and has had no problems! I asked him if he would play the lottery for me! LOL. I did the manual update on Flash just now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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