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Firefox 39 Out With Patches for Four Critical Vulnerabilities


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Firefox 39 just released. Since the updates are now known they can be exploited in anyone that has not updated. That could be a day, an hour or a week.




"Mozilla has rolled out a new version of its Firefox browser, an update that includes patches for four critical security vulnerabilities and several less-severe bugs.


IN all, Firefox 39 patches 13 vulnerabilities, including two high-risk bugs and six moderate-level ones. The most dangerous vulnerabilities, however, include a pair of use-after-free bugs in one part of the browser and another in a separate component, as well as a number of memory corruption flaws.


“Security researcher Looben Yan used the Address Sanitizer tool to discover two related use-after-free vulnerabilities that occur when using XMLHttpRequest in concert with either shared or dedicated workers. These errors occur when the XMLHttpRequest object is attached to a worker but that object is incorrectly deleted while still in use. This results in exploitable crashes,” the Mozilla advisory says.


The other use-after-free flaw is in the Content Policy component of Firefox."


See the rest of the details in the full article at: https://threatpost.com/firefox-39-out-with-patches-for-four-critical-vulnerabilities/113686#sthash.hDMXtjzT.dpuf

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Biker ,today's is the important one.


As well there were no Windows 8.1 updates for flash until this noon. You may be one update behind or thought it was a couple of days ago when you got an auto update. If you got a pop up you might want to run some scans as one threat report I got indicated that a malware company was genuinely updating Flash to keep out their competitors who were using old vulnerabilities and loading their malware quietly as Flash did really update.


That's why I only update from my Flash entry in control panel using the small icons view not the categories view.


There were from 4-6 updates for all my computers and tablets both Windows 7 and Windows 8 so do Windows updates and after every reboot recheck. I had more twice with three of mine both 7 and 8.1.

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I did the Flash update this afternoon. I don't have anything set for auto updates on my PC. I always manual check if any available.

When using my DataStorm for updates it has limited 425mb downloads during the day. So when they are big over 200 + updates I wait until my free data hours from 2-7AM


I also had a couple 8.1 updates this afternoon.

I always check Flash for updates through the Control Panel.

Firefox through FF Help...About FireFox

The Firefox 39.0 was done on both my desktop & laptop I'm sure was 2 days ago as that was the last time I had the laptop on.

To day after doing the Flash on it it had some 8.1 updates also.


Kim K. also lets me know about any new updates coming. :) She gave me the heads up on the Flash.

FileHippo app I use to check for any software updates.

I also recheck after new downloads.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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