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The NYSE Closed Down


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The NYSE closed down at about noon because of a computer glithc. The WSJ was also affected. United airlines grounded all flights from a computer glitch but put out a press release that is was a router at fault and it was fixed.


Funny how they all went down from computer glitches at about the same time if not exactly the same time.


The comment was made that if attacks like these on our infrastructure and financial institutions can be done successfully they can set us back to the tech status of Somalia. No articles as no actual news yet beyond some blurbs from the White House and others that are just vague as if they know and do not want to encourage others, or that they have no clue yet.


I'll bet the forensic and Cyber teams are in full "Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon!" mode.

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We are watching the Yahoo Finance Tesla financial page and it looks like trading is going on and they are on the NYSE. Very weird. It has been closed four hours now.


This is not a financial glitch that affects the average Joe Sixpack as the ATMs and banks are working fine so far and no one is deprived of their money they are saying from the NYSE floor reporter. I find it curious that trading looks like it is going on Yahoo finance.


Here is that page: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=tsla

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