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SSDs are finally dropping prices!


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I thought my deal a few months ago for a Crucial BX100 256GB SSD was a great deal at Under $100.00, just. Newegg on eBay has the Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB for $159.99! Dang! I am soooooo tempted to buy two but I already have 256GB on my two oldest desktops, and the 32GB SSD with the 2TB rust drive on my AIO 27". Let the buyer bewars but they are reviewed on the main site here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147373&cm_re=SAMSUNG_850_EVO_MZ-75E500B%2fAM_2.5%22_500GB-_-20-147-373-_-Product


But here it is 20 bucks cheaper: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SAMSUNG-850-EVO-MZ-75E500B-AM-2-5-500GB-SATA-III-3-D-Vertical-Internal-Solid-St/301442365826?rmvSB=true&ul_ref=http%253A%252F%252Frover.ebay.com%252Frover%252F1%252F711-53200-19255-0%252F1%253Fff3%253D4%2526pub%253D5575069831%2526toolid%253D10001%2526campid%253D5337590633%2526customid%253D%2526mpre%253Dhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.ebay.com%25252Fitm%25252FSAMSUNG-850-EVO-MZ-75E500B-AM-2-5-500GB-SATA-III-3-D-Vertical-Internal-Solid-St%25252F301442365826%2526srcrot%253D711-53200-19255-0%2526rvr_id%253D861872204562


Go figure. As always caveat emptor applies. I have not used these and am not recommending them. I'm just amazed at how fast the prices are dropping. By Black Friday 2015 they'll be the same price as the Rust drives.

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I deviated from my first SSD the Crucial M4 120GB, and tried the Toshiba 256GB which screams. Then I tried the Kingston SSD now which they now advertise as ten times faster. It was barely faster than the hard drive which was a 7200 RPM but jeez! I'll never try a Kingston again. It is in the unused and stored keyboard dock of my ASUS T200 11.6" hybrid tablet/laptop with the Z3795, and the 4 GB of RAM, 64GB SSD and 64 bit Windows. Like my old HPx2 hybrid the bottom part rarely comes out of the sleeve I travel with it in. I have desktops to use full size keyboards on.


If I wasn't drive poor with all kinds of external drives and stored Clones, more than 20 and several in the 2-3TB size lots of 1 TB internal and externals, I'd buy one or two.


I am seeing some of the 500GB ones under $200 too. OK maybe a couple of TB SSDs if the top models are under $150.00 or thereabouts this coming Black Friday.


The key are the reliability and speeds; there are some dogs out there.

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This is Amazon Prime Day and one daily deal is on Crucial MX100 SSD drives. 256GB ones are $79.99 and 512GB ones are $159.99 today only if you are an Amazon Prime member. I am certainly tempted.


Update: The deal sold out early with no warning. Oh well.

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Bill look for the Crucial BX series. Much faster. I bought one in 256GB flavor and it screams. It just got sold with my old backup desktop, you remember the Lenovo quad core i5 small form factor in the spare bedroom? My problem is that I already have a fast SSD a Toshiba Q series that did not like the Lenovo I just sold, but is in Lynn's desktop, with 8 GB or RAM, and now giving Lynn 12 second boots on her desktop. My desktop has 32 GB SSD and a 2 TB rust drive All in One I am not tearing down.



I have two laptops now for my test bed of Windows 10 on Windows 7 upgrades like my wife's. One is an AMD quad core with 4GB of DDR3 RAM - A Toshiba 755D. The other is an Intel Celeron single core, 3GB of DDR2 RAM so must have been one of the first with Windows 7 native. Its RAM was slow too so I ordered a matched set of DDR 2 PC 6400 800's for 29 bucks shipped from eBay. Both like new and I am tempted too. Lynn is working today and gave me a parting, "Don't spend too much on Prime deals today!" :lol:


I might, might, just picked up a couple of SSDs since I will be selling the laptops after I am through testing Windows 10 with them.

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