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Western HD Truck Rally old (6+) on youtube


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That was back in 2006. We were there Friday before the majority of the group showed up with our truck (before modifications). Guess we didn't make the video! Besides the HDT rally, we were there to play in the dunes with friends who brought down a trailer full of ATV's.You have to admit the scenery there is fantastic and so was the local food! Winchester bay is a great location, as long as the weather cooperates. Maybe us N.W. HDT'ers will resurrect that great event, any takers? Lol



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Hello Phil ..


Yes -- I did drift away for a few years. Couple months ago I was going thru some old pic's of my Truck build and I wondered how far they have progressed now. Different world now compared to my time.


Take Care -- Safe Travels !!



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Different world?


OLDphoneman - you (and Dennis) were "pioneers" of tranny swap/s!


Any idea who has yours now?


Winchester Bay, Ole!



Greetings --


Yes -- The era of tranny conversions ........ Was an interesting time. 3 of us had it done. And now it has come to an end as Harold Bettencourt (Kustom Truck) is now a guest in the Big House at the invite of the Fed's.


My Truck -- was purchased by a very nice couple from the LA area. By this time they should have retired and wandering around this Great Country !!


Winchester -- LUV the place ....... Still run the Dunes there -- Great Times !!


Take Care ...... Safe Travels !!

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