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Shipping guns to and from Alaska


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Noted this ad today on Alaskaslist.com and thought others might be interested since I have seen this topic discussed a number of times. Logistically shipping to and from Tok would make connecting up with your firearms easy. I have not used this FFL/shipper but thought I would share the information.

Here is the link http://alaskaslist.com/1/posts/9_General/63_Guns_Hunting/391119_Gun_Shipping_for_Trans_Canada_Travelers_.html



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In case the new to making the Alaska trek don't know, by road, everyone has to go through Tok on the way up, and back through Tok on the way back. It is the first village when you cross the border from Canada. Very convenient. I traveled with a Shotgun and did the Canada paperwork no problem. They did not even want to see it, but detained the next RV behind us, that were with us, because he got rude with them when they asked if he was sure he had no guns on board. We both had Texas plates. Despite having my paperwork all in order (It was free back then in 1999) I was surprised when they did not accept my invitation to have a look at it and just waved me through after a brief stop in the office to stamp my paperwork. We did not even have to pull over. I brought a Savage model 24 over under 22LR over 20 Gauge. I had slugs and bullets so figured I could defend against anything that did not come in pairs if they got close enough to scare me. I carried it in the woods all through Alaska and left it locked up, as requested, in the fiver through Canada. I just felt better knowing there were beasts near that could attack if they chose. Handguns, no way.


Lesson for today.

Traveling through Canada with a legal gun.


When applying for the paperwork the correct answer to the question of why you are taking it is for protection against dangerous animals in Alaska. When asked why at the border the correct answer is for protection against dangerous animals in Alaska. Do not use the words self and defense together, in any communications, written or verbal.


Did I mention that self-defense is not an acceptable reason for having a gun in traveling through Canada to Alaska?


If prompted and asked if it was for self defense against humans say no, just for dangerous animals in Alaska.

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