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Residential Fridge Problem


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I posted this in the Tech forum, but thought some of you guys might be of some help, and BTW, the folks working on this fridge is a full service appliance repair shop. They did confirm all the controls on this fridge are mechanical, and MSW should be OK, and checked voltage, but we all know there are relays, and switches, soooo?




We have a 2003 Teton that we are in most of the year. About 3 years ago we started having problems with the fridge, a sideXside Dometic NDR1292? So last summer I beefed up our solar, and installed a Frigidaire 18' with a top freezer and non-electrical controls. I was going to try to get by without changing my invertor. It worked great all winter without the genset ever having to be fired up. We have 800 watts of panels, 1,100 AH of AGM batteries. Got back to Kansas the first of May, shut everything down for a couple months, then wanted to head for the lake. Fridge wouldn't cool. Took it to the shop, no gas. They said, "Frigidaire top freezers are noted for condenser leaks", so replaced, $380, 2 months out of warranty. Worked good for about 4 hours, because of a bad sweat job, so repaired, and recharged. Worked good all day, but the next AM, all ice had turned to water. Checked again in the PM, and all water had turned back to ice. I kept telling them I was using MSW power, and they checked it out and said the power was fine. I placed temp sensors in the box, and freezer and have been monitoring, and all has been going OK, until last night about 10:00 PM, when the box went to 34*/freezer -11*. I hooked up to shore power then, and at 6:30 AM this morning the box is 40*/freezer 28*. I have always thought the freezer had too much range, anywhere from 0*-12*, but they said that was because of the defrost cycle, but I'm sure that cycle would not take it all the way up to 28*. I have now sold this RV, but I don't want to sell any problems. I've got crazy things going on with both MSW, and PSW power. Do you think the I messed up the controls while using MSW power, the shop don't think so.

Any ideas? As always, Thanks, Dick T

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The only problem I have with a household refrigerator and a MSW inverter is that the logic board for the ice dispenser didn't like the spikes of the MSW output and burned out two input components. After the first replacement board burned out the same way, we decided to leave it and manually get our ice. Everything else on te refrigerator works fine.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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