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CDL or Class 1 in British Columbia


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For Kidder and any others in BC contemplating a hauler with air brakes and a trailer with non air brakes.


Finally done.


The instructor was originally going to use my rig but when he saw it hooked up changed his mind figuring the folks at ICBC would go into a state of Cardiac Arrest. So he insisted we use his rig, an International automatic pulling a 48' trailer. I will leave out the cancelled classes with no notice and the fact his tractor was stolen and then found with the cab trashed and move onto using my unit.


We racked up about 9 hrs using my truck and trailer. Showed up at the test facility, went thru the pretrip with the examiner and then out for the road test.


The examiners name was Sam, this wasn't his first rodeo. Sam is the type of person who pulls the best out of you....Would have made a good commanding officer in any branch of the Military. Anyway, he was interested in this type of rig and was happy to have me explain the HDT philosopy . He knew about the Smart car which I purposely did not take along. I explained the mindset was about safety, visibility, massive brakes, I even told him about the Jackalopee....the what he asked. I had to tell him a couple of times wondering , what have I opened up?


To make a long story short, I smoked the pretrip and roadtest as well. His words were, "clearly there are no problems here". The driving instructor said he had never had anyone in his 5.5 yrs of training get a perfect score on both the Pretrip and roadtest.

The roadtest was one of those few times in life when partway thru, you knew you were "on it."


Forgive me for being a little smug this morning, it will quickly pass.


The Class 1 was issued, it took them a while to get all the abbreviations into the small space provided. It gives me my Class 1, single axle with a trailer over 4600 kg. So you get your heavy trailer endorsement as well. Sam says we were setting a precedent.


I invited him to check out the forum and even chime in as a contributor. If he did, I would hope everyone would be respectful. Sometimes new people post once or twice, something flippant is said and they don't return. This is a foreign world to them. I also offered to help in any way possible.


Clearly ICBC was underestimated, Sam and another senior person put their heads together, taking well over half an hour on the phone and computer putting documentation together to make it work.


So for that, I thank them. Applause please..clap, clap, clap,....thank you.


Sam recommended I complete the Class 1 in the International when it is repaired. Another 3 or 4 hrs would give me a full blown class 1 with no restrictions except for the automatic.


So for others in BC about to go down this path, there is hope. You will at this point need to do the knowledge test on the computer which needs an 80% pass of 35 multiple choice questions, do a pretrip for your rig, 45 minutes and a roadtest using your rig about another 45 minutes.



Now all I have to do is replace all the Moreryde suspension blocks and shocks.....Back to reality.



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As disappointed as I am in not making the Rally, this experience can be turned into a Positive. I must have done the pretrip 20 or 30 times to get it right, not missing anything and spitting all the words out right without tripping over myself. Now a pretrip or enroute check will not be a problem, I know what to look for.


Also stopping so you can see the rubber on the road of the vehicle in front. Another is that you have 4 seconds after the last vehicle has gone thru an advanced green before it changes. I didn't know that. Allow yourself 10 seconds to get thru and intersection, didn't know that either. Lotsa stuff, I'm safer on the road now.


Re the Commercial trailer and our trailers which are electric brakes for the most part, there are parallels to be drawn, commercial has air lines, we have wiring, both have tires, shocks, hubs and air valves as well as lighting and doors. So there is a lot that can be transferred from one to the other.


A folding creeper with big wheels would be an asset. It would work under the trailer but tite under the Volvo sliding under the rear diff.


Unfortunately when I found one Moreryde suspension mount with a tear, when the trailer was off the grass and on pavement, I checked the others and they all have to be replaced. Like Jack said, " may as well do the shocks as well".


So Mister smug is gone and back to the real world. It will be another week to 10 days before I can hit the road. First to Eugene then Salt lake City and onto the red rock parks in Utah and if not too late hit some tractor pulls in Iowa or ???


House is gone and money transferred and the union has work for me shortly as a site medic or joiner after hand has healed in a month or so.


I did give it all I had and would have made it but for the Driving firms Cornbinder being stolen. The suspension after talking to Moreryde would not have been a dealbreaker. Parts could have been shipped to someone down in the US and replaced there. Lou may have known someone.


OH well, as the other member says, "drive on"...I like that.

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Just for clarification. Does your new license classification involve any of the usual accompaniments of a CDL? Log books, medical restrictions, alcohol limits?

No log books, medical is needed, 45 days to get it at any clinic. It's not like flying where you have to go to DR's on an approved list.....I asked that question. Alcohol is covered in the manual but that is in a Commercial application. Honestly, I don't know but can finds out if you like. Drinking and driving is a non issue for me as I rarely drink. The though of getting a DUI is ridiculous, no trips to the US, flights that land in the US enroute to somewhere else, insurance, liability if in an accident.

Why do you ask about the drinking and driving?

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You can bring the manual up online. ICBC Commercial Driver Training, go to the second one down, The computer has it as page 78 79 when actually in the book it is page 61-62. That is for Commercial. I'm not sure how this new endorsement will factor into things. I will check on Monday and get back to you. They may or may not be able to get me an answer quickly.

What your suggest doesn't seem unreasonable to me but....

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Bravo. You stuck with it and can stand tall.


Getting a perfect score on a test is a great feeling. When I took the Experienced Rider Course (MSF/ERC) for motorcycles here in the states many years ago, I got perfect scores on written and riding. That said, I'm just one brain pharte from being a statistic. And the older I get, the more likely that becomes.

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Thanks for all the great information.



No problem, the more I think of it, I think I will approach them about eliminating the sections of load binders and securing loads as well as logbooks.


Turning for our rigs is different. Hitch is behind the rear wheels and trailer wheels are in from the back of the trailer so our "offtrack" is different. That blew my instructor away.

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Roger, that is a great achievement. I was down 4 points out of 135 when I took my class AZ in Ontario a few years ago. Even then it was a gift, I could certainly have lost a few more.


BC is very aggressive on drinking and driving. The usual in Canada is .08 although some provinces like Ontario can cost you a 3 day on the spot suspension at .05..


BC is .05 and confiscation. For our audience, don't even have one beer or a glass of wine with dinner here or you can be walking for a long, long time.


We had Uber in Doha. I love it and used it a lot. lol



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Thanks, yes, I am , Austin at Moreryde explained it . Mine are all borderline. He hesitated but thought they were still driveable. One is ordered and the other 5 will be on Monday along with shocks which we have the part # for they are about 70$ each. Labor is about 2 hrs a wheel so total cost will be about 2000$.


Replacing suspension but not the shocks is like changing the oil but not the filter if you know what I mean.


The # 20 on the diagram in the download is not correct, the correct # is 11 in numbers about 1" tall. These are for 7k capacity. There is another heavier one for 8k capacity. 7 is more than enough....3 x7 is 21 plus 4k ish on the hitch = 25k and my rig weighs 22k. I'm good with that.


Where possible xtra weight will go in the truck storage compartments.


Good thing we did a pretrip inspection or this may not have been caught.


Thanks again.

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If I were to go East or come back West, my route would be to drop down into the Colonies. Roads are better, fuel is a bit cheaper even factoring in exchange and the US are more RV Savvy.


Suspension will be done by end of next week, now my slideout controllers are acting up, one sheared a spline on the motor. Truck bodywork is getting painted. Wheels and tires cleaned and polished. RF Mogul is ready for me. Ramp mods work, car loads no problem, No more ripping off body parts.


George, any more thoughts on where you will wind up?? Ontario? AB?? Planning to bring it to the Island? Heck with 2 rigs we could have a mini Island Rally.


Yesterday, I was taking the truck to BMT Commercial truck repairs at the airport, YYJ. Car was loaded and there was a guy following taking pics thru his steering wheel of the rig.


RE your load/weight concerns, what about unloading the stove, replacing it with cabinets and going with one of these fancy burner units Jack has??


The Fisher Paykel d/w looks like it may work in my rig, tech is coming tomorrow am to scope it out,. DW will be here later this week.


I think a newer Gen 2 Smart could load/unload lengthwise on your deck. I will post a link to the Canadian Smart car forum. You could ask Greg @ TPM to keep an eye open for one for you.




These guys sometimes have cars for sale.




Getting ready to turn and burn.

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Thanks Roger. It's coming back to the Island in the short term at least. I have a full hookups RV pad behind my house that was purpose built.


If I change out the Verona I will likely go combination induction gas hob. Much lighter and all we really need with the conduction microwave.



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