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Dell Venue Pro with AT&T


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I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet 5000 series with all the same specs as this except this has the newer Atom Z3775 where I have the Atom Z3770 SoC, they both have full HD IPS beautiful screens and are surprisingly fast. I got mine because it has a full size USB 3 port in addition to a micro USB port for charging only.


But for folks with AT& T contracts or preferences, this one is being sold at clearance with AT&T wireless LTE card built in. For $399.99???

OK I have to have Verizon in my area, and already have a Dell Venue 11 Pro. I am tempted top buy this just for the data but no, I am getting Surface or {Pro as the deal I thought was happening was cancelled because the guy apparently sold it out from under me. SO much for someone's word today.


I also have a mini desktop coming in the next week or so ordered new.


So for my friends here this is a great deal for anyone looking to get their first Windows tablet and new not refurbished for less than the refurbished price, and with Dell's warranty. It kills me to pass up a deal. But I am tablet poor. No I don't work for Dell. :rolleyes: See it here: http://www.dell.com/us/p/dell-venue-11-pro/pd?oc=frtlmid05&model_id=dell-venue-11-pro

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RV - How is performance on your unit? Does it also have 2GB DDR3 memory ram too?


I ask, as my DIL let me borrow her 1st generation Surface Pro, and it was so slow that even at a price of 'free' - I decided to say no thanks... It sure was built well, with a solid feel.


That is a good price, and my iPad 1 is well pass being ready for replacement:)!




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I prefer my tablets with Atom SoCs over the i3,5, & 7s used in the pro series. The tablets with "i" series chipsets are all dual core. The Atoms are now all quad core. I find the upper end Atoms to be as fast as I need in a tablet or laptop. What specific programs are you finding slow? Best Buy carries the Venue 11 pro at the local stores, perhaps you'd like to try them out there first.


OK the reasons I prefer the Atom processors are:

1. They are all snappy quad cores since the second generation.

2. They all run so much cooler they need no fans.

3. Since no fans are eating into the batteries they run longer.

4. They stay cool in my hand except when charging.

5. They're the lightest.


The best of them, the Atom Z3770/3775, the Atom Z3795, and now the newest debuting in the Surface (not pro) the Atom x7-8700, perform extremely well, and the last two mentioned can support 4GB of RAM and 64 bit Windows.


The Venue has a beautiful full HD screen, and is fast enough for any day to day uses. It also is the only tablet I've seen with a user replaceable battery! All the rest are essentially disposables.


I had my wife's desktop computer station tied up over the weekend configuring a surprise desktop system for him, and using her monitor. I put her Venue on a stand, and stuck a wireless desktop full size keyboard and mouse USB receiver in its full size port, and she was amazed to find it did all her quad core, 8GB, Crucial SSD equipped desktop did, and booted faster. Took up way less space too. I expect her to ask me to set hers up as a replacement for her desktop as well.



She inherited the Venue when I bought the ASUS T200 I'm on now (Z-3795/4GBRAM) yet this one has no HD, and the USB3 requires me to dig out the keyboard base to have the full size USB 3. Had they put the full Size USB 3 port on the tablet half, like the Venue, and had given it a stunning full HD screen, like the Venue, I'd be keeping it. But the new Surface 3 (not pro) has it all in the $599.99 version with the Atom x7, very nice full HD, 128GB SSD, 4GB of Ram, and the USB 3 full size is on the tablet. Most importantly is it is n Atom and should stay cool to the touch except when charging, and then much cooler than the Surface 2 I bought which ran only four hours on a charge, and was really hot in use! Uncomfortably hot.


I think the ideal is the Surface 3 from specs and momentary handling in the store. If you don't care about great display, or USB 3 full size on the tablet, light and cool in the hand, with snappy performance over ten hours on a charge, any tablet will do. I suspect the Surface 3 will be my number one rated, with the Venue just edging out the T200 as my second choice. I'm selling the 11.6" T200, buying a 10.8" Surface 3 128/4GB version, and keeping the 10.8" Venue Pro. I would love a 12" version even better.


I don't need the phone data capability in my tablet. BTW, they make a Verizon version too for $699.99 new.


It's the quad core.

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Derek - Thanks for the detailed response. I also sent a copy of this to my DIL, as this could be a good second unit for her too. (She is a fan of the Samsung's, so we'll see if she'll try a Surface again:)!).


I mentioned this to my wife, and she said to act surprise - but the kids and my sister are chipping in to get me an iPad replacement for my birthday.


Appreciated the expanded info sharing!


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