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Motor Home Registration Success


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Went to the DMV yesterday with DW and Big5ers Book containing all the fed and state laws in their plastic sheets. Oh and of course a big smile! They have a pre-check line where you receive a number and are asked the reason for the visit. When asked I responded we are here to get plates for our newly converted motor home. She asked do you have the current registration? I opened the book with the registration in it so she could enter the number in her computer. She put the vin # in and we got the look!! I followed with... I have brought some information as well as the fed and state laws, to help you in this process. She smiled and said this well take sometime, your number is 56.

They called our number, so here we go. I opened the book with all the info you guys suggested, put on a big smile and said this should have everything you need. The first page had the fed and states laws, she read them! The next page had the signed state certification form with a list of all the conversion items we had completed (singled, Micro, porta-potty, etc..). Page two had the State vehicle equipment inspection form filled out by the inspection Officer. Next pages had receipts for the conversion process and the original purchase invoice. She looked everything over and said I need to check with my manager so we get this right. I handed her a copy of the book for her to show the manager. When she got back she said thank you for being so organized all we need to do is complete a few forms; do you have the Title with you, this is a copy and we need the original? Am I not the brightest crayon in the box, but leaving the title at home takes the cake!!! Would have been out of there I less that 30 minutes. Bottom line ..... got it done with the trip back in the afternoon. We were issued a New Vin #, new description and different manufactured date. Lucy is now a 2015 Assembled MTR Home, the new Vin # will be attached to her lovely frame with in the next 8 weeks.




PS Special thanks to Bill B for the Michigan forms and the heads up on the vehicle inspection

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