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Veteran with Hep C?


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This doesn't look like good news.




Snip from full article:



The Department of Veterans Affairs is moving to outsource care nationwide for up to 180,000 veterans who have hepatitis C, a serious blood and liver condition treated with expensive new drugs that are costing the government billions of dollars.

The VA has spent weeks developing a dramatic and controversial transition as patient loads have surged and funding has run out. Those efforts were not disclosed until records were released this week to The Arizona Republic.
Instructions on how to carry out the program show that the sickest veterans generally will get top priority for treatment. However, patients who have less than a year to live or who suffer "severe irreversible cognitive impairment" will not be eligible for treatment.
That provision, and the mass shifting of patients, drew immediate criticism from veterans advocates.
Tom Berger, executive director of a health council established by Vietnam Veterans of America, ripped the VA for launching a "faulty plan" and blasted the idea of medical teams deciding which patients will be denied antiviral remedies.


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I got Hep C in 1983 after triple bypass. Blood not tested in those days. Did not know what type I had because then it was determined non A non B hepatitis. After about 6 weeks liver enzymes got back to normal and have been there ever since. I have had tests 6 month test now yearly tests since. Found out it was Hep C after Dr nicked her finger while removing a basil cell carcinoma from back of my ear a couple of years ago. In my case doctors say forget about it, no treatment necessary. Guess I was the lucky one.

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Hep C treatment with Sovaldi costs $1,000/pill in the US, or $84,000 for a typical 12-week course of treatment. In India it costs only $75/pill or $1800 for a course of treatment. (And as low as $25/pill in some other countries)


What I have not been able to find is if a US resident can travel to India and pick up a course of treatment for that same $1800? (Even if you can't leave India for the duration of the treatment.)

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"Medical" vacations and/or medical tourism are becoming more popular as local health care in a lot of countries becomes overly expensive, slow or even unavailable.


More info: http://www.news-medical.net/health/What-is-Medical-Tourism.aspx


From Google with no warranty from me! http://www.medicaltourismassociation.com/en/index.html


So now we Vets just don't travel to distant lands, meet interesting people and kill them... We go back years later for a batch of pills or a new hip?

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