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The FCC is cracking down on annoying telemarketers and robo-calls


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Wow, now a one strike rule, allowing Telcos to block robo calls, and other measures that put the bite back into do not call criteria are all in the article.


We've all heard that PayPal is messing around opening us up to all kinds of unasked for robocalls




"Federal regulators are cracking down on unwanted telemarketing calls and text messages by implementing strict new rules on companies that make them and by giving Americans more ways to refuse them.


The measures approved by the Federal Communications Commission Thursday allow consumers to put a stop to telemarketing simply by telling the companies not to call again or by any other "reasonable way at any time," rather than having to file and mail complicated forms or jump through other hoops.


They also clear the way for telecom companies to use technologies designed to block autodialed calls and text messages. And they establish stricter definitions of autodialing so that telemarketers can't wriggle out of the rules."


Robo-calling has gotten some high-profile attention in recent weeks amid a decision by PayPal to update its corporate policies.


The company's new user agreement, which goes into effect July 1, requires its customers to receive robo-calls so that PayPal can update them on account activity and resolve disputes. But the policy also explicitly opens consumers up to promotions and surveys, and users must agree to the terms if they want to continue using PayPal.


The only way to opt out of receiving the calls is to write to PayPal's customer service, but that still requires customers to agree to the new terms of service. The FCC said that the move has inspired "serious concerns" at the agency and could run afoul of its existing regulations on robo-calling."


Much more and links in the full article here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2015/06/18/the-fcc-is-cracking-down-on-annoying-telemarketers-and-robo-calls/?wpisrc=nl_tech&wpmm=1

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Read the article. They did because the country was unaware. Now the whole country is rallying behind the FCC. We know who voted which way on what legislation. We can re-elect them if they represented our views and interests. Or replace them regardless of how much more we hear their paid off ads.

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I get an almost daily robo call that hangs up at 10 AM. It stopped suddenly in the last few days. The number was "spoofed" every time, and came from a different area code each time. By spoofed I mean it was when called back a number that did not exist. We'll see what happens. If this did the trick I'm all for it anyway.

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