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Amazon Fire Phone 60% Off Now


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This is not a review, I use Windows phones. I got this info from one of my daily deals emails I subscribe to. I know that the Fire phone got some bad reviews and I found why today. Amazon is using Android as a base, but the play store etc. from Google has to be sideloaded, which is easy to do and explained in detail in the first review if you scroll down in the link below. Why? Because Amazon has its own App store that has a good selection. So some folks bought on contract, and/or paid $449.99, then found it different than expected. Yep I'd be upset too, but I don't buy until I know the tech. This phone at $80.00 (1 year Prime free) would suit me fine if we had good AT&T, T-Mobile, or other GSM network connectivity here. Verizon or Straight Talk with Verizon towers here are the only ones that work for us.


So if you have a GSM service now, and want the best phone camera and latest hardware for cheap this might be for you.


Battery life is, as with most smart phones never enough, and a bit worse in the Fire it appears.


It is $179.00 and comes with a free year of Prime membership, which makes the phone for folks like me who are Prime users, cost $80.00. Unlimited free cloud storage is also included with the Phone.


I have a Lumia with flash and the Carl Zeiss lenses, and a 14 megapixel Olympus camera with 24X optical. But heck, as a camera/camcorder for 80 bucks, not bad at all!


Jack and the other phone techs need to check out the hardware and specs here:



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