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Warranty with Private Sale?


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The main issue is the age of the RV. It is pretty easy to find them for RVs of 5 years or less age but from that point the cost per year rises with each year of age and many companies will not write coverage for RVs of more than 10 years of age. You do need to shop carefully and I suggest that it might be helpful to read this article about such warranty contracts which was printed in Escapees magazine.

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While obtaining a warranty from a company that insures used RV's is possible (but if its too old OUCH), and/or the prior owner may have ones that's transferrable, to get a warranty direct from the prior owner that packs a punch, is meaningful, and most important enforceable as a matter of law, as an Attorney, I can tell YOU GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.


Best to take that money and buy it SUBJECT TO AND DEPENDANT UPON a professional inspection by an inspector chosen and paid for by the Buyer. That way the Buyer can back out of the deal if it fails miserably, but the language in such a contingent contract is critical and important especially concerning the Buyer getting a deposit back????????


I would hire a qualified RV technician to inspect it before purchase if the Buyer is not well qualified. If the Seller balks at that, walk away, there are a gazillion good used RV's out there.


John T Retired Engineer and Attorney

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