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The Deal With the Hyperloop


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OK for anyone that is into the possibility of the Musk idea of a Hyperloop you gotta read this. Even has a 14 second video at the end. For like minded progressive folks, Wait But Why is a stimulating not regular email list.


In this issue it looks like the Hyperloop is being developed by others. Investment opportunity here? Don't know but I am all in for Tesla so can't invest elsewhere yet.




"The idea is that the capsule would whiz from LA to San Francisco in only 35 minutes (compared with 2.5 hours for the planned CA high-speed railway). It would do this with a top speed of 760mph (1,220km/h), which it would reach during long straightaways. During windier parts, it would go 300mph (483km/h), and the average speed from LA to SF would be 598mph (962km/h).


The purpose of the Hyperloop wouldn’t be to make taking vacations easier. It would mostly be a method of commuting—i.e. people living in LA could now get a job in SF as easily as they could in LA, or vice versa. One version of the envisioned Hyperloop only carries passengers, but the white paper also laid out a possible second version, which would be able to carry three full-size cars as well. So someone could drive right onto the capsule in LA, hang out in their car for 35 min, and then drive out in San Francisco.


The whole system would have 40 capsules. Each would be on a continuous 80-minute loop of 35 min from LA to SF, 5 min at the SF station, 35 min back to LA, 5 min at the LA station, and repeat. 40 capsules each on an 80-minute loop means capsules depart every two minutes. This would be plenty to achieve the goal of 840 total passengers commuting back or forth per hour, which would easily accommodate the 6 million passengers that travel between LA and SF each year."


For a whole lot more if you are a progress geek/nerd as I am go here: http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/06/hyperloop.html

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