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One VERY expensive martini


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I turned on my Chromebook a couple nights ago and was greeted with a black screen. I couldn't get it to work, reboot or anything so took it to the repair shop yesterday. They opened it and found "water" in it and told me it was completely fried and would cost more to fix than the computer was worth. All I can figure out is that I must have unknowingly sloshed some of my evening martini on it...I had lazily left the computer on the floor, beside my chair, with the martini above it on the table. Let's see now: cost of Chromebook+$50 to tell me it was fried+new computer+cost of martini. That was one expensive drink!

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I once spilled a cup of coffee (full cup!) on top of a Honeywell Century 100... circa 1973 room size computer... with air vents on top. Entire cup drained into the 'interior'.


I think that computer ran faster. Never did tell the Operations Manager.


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I had a cat knock over a 40oz soda onto a laptop that was leaning verticle against the side table...

40oz of nice caramelized diet coke cooking on the boards, drives, doodads....


That was a $800 soda..

At least I had a cheapy Chromebook! I made sure my new computer was far away from my martini tonight.

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$15 + $8 for shipping. Think I'll pass but otherwise it looks like a good idea.

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