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Retrofitting bunks in an old couch spot.. best way to secure to the wall?

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Hi Everyone!


This is Altonymous' wife wanting to know how you would recommend securing a stack of bunks to the wall in an old couch spot? The floor plan we are looking to retrofit the bunks into is the 2007 Fleetwood Providence 39V http://fleetwoodrv.com/frvlibrary/docs/2007/2007_pro_b.pdf


We would pull out the couch between the back of the passenger seat and the kitchen counter. We have measured already and what we want to do will fit, we just aren't sure how to attach the bunk frame to the wall without daily usage tearing up the wall?




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Since RV walls are not normally designed to have things attached them, floor mount is probably the best way to go. The manufacturers have to place metal strips in the wall in areas that they will attach cabinets etc. as the wall supports (usually 2X2 at most) would not hold them for long IF you could find them to attach to in the first place.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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