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Extend A Stay Propane is Awesome!


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We have a old propane tank with an Auto Stop Valve on it. The Valve is shot, and they don't make them any more. Gad, another challenge. lol


After checking into price for new valve we were advised our tank (horizontal permanent fixed tank) was to old to fill. Needless to say we decided against putting in the new valve. After checking into price for complete new tank we also decided to go another route, after we got up off the floor from the price shock. :o


We attached an Extend a Stay propane valve. Then bought a 5 gallon tank and hooked it up. We be cookin! Total cost for kit on Amazon and tank from local hardware store less than $100. Gotta love thinking outside the box. :D


Best part is the valve has another connection for an additional propane outlet. Since the kit came with an additional 12' hose, we can hook up either our BBQ or the Big Buddy Heater.


This works out great for us! If we planned to stay in one spot in future we can also use a larger external tank. We will still use our Rocket Stove for outside cooking, but the gas stove inside is sure nice and convenient.



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Yes, the auto stop won't allow filling. Looked at tanks on wrecked rigs but decided the cost of removal and the older tanks not worth it. We may remove the old tank at future date.


The tank for the extend a stay sits outside on ground for us. We don't have alot of basement storage. The hose is secured inside the LP storage for easy pull out to use on arrival.


We keep the LP Tank in the shower with bath window open for venting. Plan to add a back bumper hitch storage soon that will hold the tank so we won't have to cart it around at all, just hook up the hose.


When traveling our frig goes to auto mode as soon as LP is turned off and will run on battery. Since we aren't fulltimers, most of the time we shut the frig off for travel and things stay cool as long as we don't open the door much. On travel days I usually have something I'm defrosting for supper in deep dish in frig that helps with cooling as well.


So far we're just so glad to have propane on board again we work around the challenge of where to carry it. :)

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I would suggest adding that back bumper hitch sooner rather than later. As propane is heavier than air you could potentially fill your coach half way up before anything spills over the window. One spark a caboom! Propane is very explosive in a gaseous state. Get it out of your shower ASAP.

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