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DARPA Robotics Challenge


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Some of our top Computer scientists believe we may be headed for the machine takeover. Many folks see the first attempts as clumsy and too big. Remember the first Walkman? Compared to an mp3 player today the size of a watch? Remember the first camcorders that sat on our shoulders and had a heavy battery pack in a sling bag that weighed ten pounds and connected by a thick cable? Remember how fuzzy they were and low resolution? Now look at a discontinued Flip Camcorder ( I have the last touch Mino 8GB HD one that works great) or the latest cell phones with OLED screens like my Lumia for still and HD video recordings.


Now go the next link and look at the first attempts at robots, some bipedal, some multipedal, but all have the same thing in common. A dedicated bunch of individuals and companies passionate about them and refining, making it better, smaller, and ultimately our size, and exceeding our brain power. You see the self coding, learning computers are already here. Like the first Walkman they are still not the end result, but the first step on a trip already booked and underway. Here is a link with photos of the first baby steps of our new human made servants? Or something more sinister? Here are a bunch of still pics of the competitors this year in action: http://www.techrepublic.com/pictures/photos-the-incredible-robots-from-darpas-robotic-challenge/1/

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