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Is anyone researching a replacement for Streets and trips?

Brad & Jacolyn

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Good Morning,

I am still using Streets and Trips to plan out trips. I find the mega file that is available quite nice but I can't find anything that has been updated since Aug. of 2013. However, since Streets and trips is supposed to be going away I may have to eventually start using something else so I thought I would ask what others are using.



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What device are you using Streets and Trips on (laptop, tablet, smartphone etc)? Does the replacement need to run on that same device? My Class 7 HDT Super C Class motorhome, came with the Rand McNally software already installed in the dash radio / entertainment system. If it hadn't been pre-installed, I sure would NOT have paid extra for it. I also have stand alone 5" Garmin dezl, an older 7" Rand McNally 7710RVND (garbage) and, have CoPilot Truck HD software on my Apple iDevices. I also have TomTom software on my iDevices. NONE of these GPS solutions is perfect. If I had to narrow it down to just one, I'd go with the CoPilot TruckHD software on my Apple iDevices. The biggest advantage of doing it that way is, that with a single purchase, I can legally install and use said software on multiple iDevices (iPhone, iPad) and, software updates are usually free after you've made the initial purchase (which is expensive). The CoPilot software does NOT run on Mac OS X computers but, run on Windows OS computers though. Again, in my experience, NONE of the available GPS solutions are perfect. I would also recommend that you buy the current hardcopy "Motor Carrier's Road Atlas" by Rand McNally; all sorts of good information contained there. The "Deluxe" laminated version retails for $79.95 BUT, I've always been able to find it in truck stops discounted to $29.95.

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I'm guessing that it was Google Maps that caused Microsoft to decide to shutter S&T - and it's too bad because S&T is such a good planning tool. However, I'm thinking S&T will remain useful for years to come. As long as people use it the various overlay files will continue to be updated and, while there are occasional highway changes it will be a long time before they will be significant enough to degrade S&T.


I use both Google Maps and S&T in my route planning. S&T is much better for multi-stop planning and for giving me the big picture. Google Maps is better for up to date information, etc. So, I'm thinking that together they are a good trip planning combination.

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We use Streets & Trips for trip planning. We do the entire route for the year. S&T accepts pasted address from web pages unlike Street Atlas USA which only accepts the last line.


We enter route legs into ALK CoPilot Truck for driving as it is monitoring heights of bridges etc as we drive.


We may get a copy of Street Atlas USA to see if it has improved in the last few years. Google maps and Maquest are not suitable replacements for S&T.

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Like Mark, we use CoPilot for live navigation. In our case on an 8.4" Android tablet. We plan with Google Maps.


Also running "live"on the truck dash are a garmin older GPS, my Note 3 phone with Google Maps running, and sometimes another Android tablet. Each has their virtues. If I could only use one, it would be CoPilot. We previously used Street Atlas (for many years). But I now like CoPilot better.

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...As long as people use it the various overlay files will continue to be updated...

Streets and Trips will import data from at least a couple of different file formats. I know it will do the text data format from the Discovery Owners Forum and at least one of the other program formats that they list, but I don't remember which one. It will also import data from Excel XLS files. It will import data in CVS format from any source.

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Streets & Trips is still the best planning tool. I've also been using Base Camp for Garmin. . .it sucks for planning.

Even so. . .

S&T's can export to a gpx file which can be imported to Base Camp and downloaded to the Garmin.


The workaround is a hassle, but once mastered becomes a bit easier.

Using S&T's, plan as usual with the Route Planner.

Place a push pin at each Route Planner destination - label the push pin #1, #2, etc according to it's place in the route.

After all the destinations are "push-pinned" - go back to Route Planner and delete all the stops.

The push pins remain - at that point the S&T's file can be export to a compatible GPX file and downloaded into Base Camp and then exported into the GPS unit.


S&T's fails at exporting a compatible GPX file from the Route Planner.

But, it can export compatible GPX files with push pins.


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We've used Delorme's Street Atlas for 20 years or so. It doesn't require internet to create maps. You can then view them as you travel if using their GPS or else transfer to your GPS.

You can use most any nmea compatabile gps puck with street atlas

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Copilot use $14.95 version with height setting mounted on drivers side window on my iPad.

S&T used to plan trips on my Desktop. Bing satellite view helps on destinations or fuel stops etc.

Then trip is moved to laptop beside drivers seat.

It should be good for several years yet for any road changes.


CoPilot I only put in the next stop from my saved favorites either food/fuel/campground.

Arrival time changes depending on stops at rest areas etc.


The $14.95 also includes license for my iPhone 6 Plus.

Settings for Car/RV/Motorcycle/bicycle/walking

One free year on active traffic with it. That I have never used yet.

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My electronic devices consist of a laptop and my flip phone. The DW is Miss Garmin. I sure hope the S&T stays good for a few years yet and someone keeps updating. I use the Megafile for planning with the Passport America, Escapees and COE parks POI files turned on. Then I bring up Passport America online to be sure that the places listed in the Megafile are still members. I also have Good Sam online turned on for areas that Passport don't have parks. It can get to be quite a dance when doing the plans. Plus, we are members of the 230 club when traveling (230 miles or 2:30 in the afternoon and off the road) and that limits the travel day unless you really have to get somewhere.

I was hoping someone was coming up with a replacement for S&T.




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Define your terms; If all you want is route planning from place to place then a normal solution like copilot, Street Atlas, etc. will work OK.


If you want to include working out the where, why, how and when of your stops and destinations, then a lot more is needed. This is where S&T was the long-time leader and though it still had some limitations it did do an all-around job.


Today, I use ALK Copilot on all my Android devices, in different ways, for navigating but not for anything more than simple route planning and tracking. MY Nexus 7 sits on the dash while driving for quick reference to what is coming up.


But for deeper planning I use a combination of resources beyond this.


First, I still use the offline/online RV Plan n Go program to actually build the trip. Though discontinued it is still the best all-around tool I have found to help me work out times and distances and it makes it easy to always be aware of arrival dates when I have targeted reservations or events to attend. It is the only package that gives updated date/times for all stops as the plan changes. I just tell it when I want to leave point A.


The resources I use to ferret out the details:

  • Google Maps - for helping me find resources like food, shopping, venues, campgrounds in an area marking them with favorites stars for quick future reference.
  • Google Earth - to check out the lay of the grounds in/around campgrounds, access roads/highways, potential obstacles, etc.
  • Google Street views - to zoom in on what things look like right where I have to go to see if it might be tight for a big rig.
  • Accommodations -- I use a combination of:

Developing the whole plan:


I use Microsoft Office OneNote, Chrome browser, Internet Explorer Browser


OneNote is where I actually build the plan. The active linking capabilities of IE/Onenote make it really easy to collect content notes that automatically include live links to the sources.


Here is a short video of how I use this combination to forge our travel plans:




Hope this helps.

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I have used Mappoint (S&T's big brother) for 10+ years and I too am sad that they are going away. Yes, we will all still find a way but when you have been using the same program for years, you grow very accustom to it. I use CoPilot in the truck for navigation but for trip planning, Mappoint (or S&T) was hard to beat.

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