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Shower question


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Bought the Frieghtliner truck conversion project and knowing it needed plumbing and A/C all is good so far, but getting around to personalizing it by changing the laminate flooring to tile and the prefab shower to tile, I noticed the shower valve was installed on an outside wall with NO provision to access if ever needed. So my thought is while I'm ripping out, why not move it to the rearward wall which is in the Loft BR. The valve would actually be in a TV cabinet/closet so to speak. Using pex everywhere so does this sound feaseable? Or instead does anyone know of a means to have an access panel IN the shower itself or any other suggestions before I start re-plumbing the shower valve. It's only a 32" square shower.

Kind of at a loss and don't have a clue why they designed this shower this way. I mean if I EVER DID acquire a leak or a valve change, I'd have to rip it a out anyway so I'm trying to look ahead and eliminate that part!


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After further inspection, it looks like I'm going to have to keep the valve where it's at unless I build a box in the Br UNDER the TV cabinet and I really am against that.

Has anyone ever done or seen an access panel made on the face of the shower?

I'm thinking maybe something like a removable panel that could screw on and off and of course be sealed.

Any thoughts, ideas, or opinions?

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Why not just put the mixer inside the shower rather than inside a wall? External mixers are available and look good IMO. I hate any in wall plumbing. It's just a shower. You can go rustic and use galvy everything. You can go steam punk and use a mix of copper and galvy and put gauges all over the place. Or come up with something creative on your own.


Since you mention tile, my first thought would be to run the piping up inside the shower next to any wall you choose. Built a tile upright to cover it, with a top at mixer level. Put a chrome 2 handle mixer on the top of the tower and run chrome or ss piping to the shower head. All inside the shower, not the wall. ?

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Ok guys, I'm going out on a limb here and open to criticism, praise, ideas opinions etc. but without getting into ripping out (literally) more of what's already been finely finished, I'm gonna try this:

Make an internal access flat panel IN the shower itself. Probably make it from brushed SS and caulk it and the 8 SS screws when putting it up which will overlap the tiled walls by about 1" on top, bottom and both sides.

It's kind of hard to explain what my thoughts are but I'm thinking so far, so good. I might never need to remove it but it sure beats ripping out the shower if I had to replace or repair that part of the shower.

Fire away!! :)


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We do a similar thing in the showers in the campground. The ones we have had to fix we cut out a section much like you show. We then cut an overlapping panel of the same cultured marble that the panels are made of and caulked it into place. It serves as an access panel. They have not leaked in 5 years. I pulled on just to be sure.

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