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other choices than Direct or Dish?

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After dealing with direct on a problem the last few days and having dealt with

Dish in the past .


I keep wondering if there are any other satellite TV companies?


Ok let me clarify any other companies that are less expensive ( I hate paying for 30

channels of advertisements and I love Lucy) and better


service hopefully.

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So far, knock on wood, I have had good experiences with Dish. I have never dealt with Direct so I have on opinion there. Anyway, the times I have had to call, mostly to re authorize our receivers, I tell them I have an RV account and some times they transfer me to another person and sometime the person I first talk to takes care of it.

However I agree about paying for channels you don't want, I just don't think there is an option out there. Same thing with cable, lots of channels in a package that I never watched.

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I have DirecTV at home and Dish in the RV. I went with Dish in the RV because of the high definition (HD)

and to get HD with DirecTV the cost was a lot more. I was lucky because when I got Dish in 2011, it was only $199

for the Tailgater, receiver and cable. It came from a Dish retailer in Jacksonville, FL, two day FedEx, and I didn't have to pay the sales

tax which saved me about $17. At that time the cheapest that I could find was $350 for the Tailgater and $100 for the receiver. Good Luck

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How about Comcast and a really, really long wire? :)

anything other than Comcast :wacko:. I don't sighnup for bandwith caps i'll stick with TWC as my isp since they don't have any bandwith caps and I can use 2 terabytes of data every month without worring about them calling me :lol:

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another option would be is to find a wifi connection and log into that if it's not password protected and strem Netflix hulu amazon prime. also if the OP has a SB house with an internet conn most isp's have there own wifi hotspots all over the place but you need an account to log into em

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Right now after yrs of being with Dish I am getting a little tired of going without the local channels in my area. The local channels are in negotiations with our local channels and we see this a lot of the time. But it is usually taken care of in a couple weeks or so. It's been well over a month now on our CBS channel and now we just lost FOX for the same reason. Problem is that Dish gives it to us free and the local channels that has always been free air waves is charging and want more and more. That leaves the consumers in the dark on both sides.


So if it isn't taken care of it will be time to change my service area. That will take care of that.



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digital over the air will get more than enough local channels. Free.


Not necessarily. There are many areas in the country which get no OTA channels. I'm in one such location now for the Summer and usually spend the Spring in another. In the Winter, I get one OTA channel and it is a local channel showing old syndicated shows like the Beverly Hillbillies.

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If you are looking only for the number of channels, then perhaps the OTA solution will work. If you are looking for meaningful content, that tends to be on cable and satellite, then OTA can be of little use. It all depends on what you want.

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FTA (Free To Air). There are quite a few sats that broadcast non encrypted channels. All that is needed is a single LNB dish and a FTA receiver.


Explaination of FTA


I've played with ut some but a friend in Tucson has a virtual garden of dishes in his backyard and loves to explore with it.


Listing of Sats / channels


A lot of rural folks use this as their only source for TV.

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