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Wilson Sleek: does the location of the phone matter

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Okay - is it just happenstance or is something else going on.


Here's the deal. I have the phone in the Wilson Sleek cradle and, if I hop in and out of airplane mode, it will go to around 3 bars of 4G - however, they aren't steady. It will climb up to 4 bars, then drop down to 1 bar and then the phone switches to 3G and stays there.


I picked the phone up, still in the cradle, to watch the signal fluctuate - as I hold it, it settles down and holds on 4G. I sit it down and the signal climbs and then drops, resulting in a switch to 3G.


After repeating this a couple of times, I carefully sit the phone and cradle on the floor beside my chair -- and it holds on 3 bars of 4G.


Is this just my imagination or does the location of the phone while in the cradle matter? Or do I have something going on with a cable?



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I'm still having weird episodes with my sleek. I'm in a spot with about 2 bars of 4G. If I put the phone in the sleek, the signal will climb and then drop. At that point it switches to 4 bars of 3G and stays there. However, if I don't use the sleek, I stay on a usable 2 bars of 4G The sleek in this case, actually slows my phone down by causing it to go to a stronger 3G signal rather than just boost my 4G signal.


Do you think the issue is with my phone or the sleek? Or something else?

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Try powering your phone off and on while on the Sleek and see if it locks onto 4G. I had a similiar problem which I think had to do with more than one tower competing for my attention. Once reset the phone stayed on 4G (Verizon) until my next session on the Sleek. You also might be in a fringe area that is affecting which tower can lock onto you with prevailing atmospheric conditions. Good Luck.

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I think I figured out what is going on. The coax connector was bad. I was moving it and the coax just pulled out of it. Once I got my soldering iron out and soldered the ground to the connector the sleek started acting like it should.


So, yeah, the location mattered because, depending on how the phone was in the sleek, a connection was being made, or not.

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