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Android M takes center stage at Google I/O


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Be sure to read the comments section at the bottom of the page. They mention how Samsung hasn't updated them to Lollipop yet? The biggest problem with Android is fragmentation. Each hardware vendor wants to take months to apply their variances to each release. Microsoft, facing the same problem with Windows Phone or WP 8 updates to 8.1. Despite my Lumia 822 being an MS product, the 822 was a Verizon exclusive phone. Verizon made no move to update their WP8 phones when it was released. Microsoft created a user group for WP and now have announced they would be responsible for all WP8/8.1/10 updates so customers never have to wait on Verizon while AT&T customers have it as an example.


So Android M is outlined but not in release. Here is all the news:




"Marshmallow? Macaroon? Macadamia Nut Cookie? Milky Way?

The possibilities of the name of the newest Android release are limitless but, for now, we'll just have to call it M.

At the 2015 I/O conference, Google gave us a peek at the developer preview of Android M. While there weren't as many in-your-face changes as we saw in Lollipop last year, there are some key updates to the Android developer and user experience.

Starting with the apps themselves, Google delivered some updates to the permissions process with Android M.

Previously, permissions had to be handled at the time of installation. Now, apps targeting M will install without asking permissions initially. However, users will get the permission prompt the first time a certain feature is accessed.


Apps targeting M will be able to ask for permission at any time, while legacy apps will require all permissions at install time, just as it was before. Users can deny any permissions upon request, or deny any permissions later on, even for legacy apps.

One of the most exciting updates is native fingerprint scanning support. Android M will accomplish this with two APIs - a fingerprint manager and a keyguard manager. One will act as an interaction tool while the other will focus more on authentication."


Lots more in the article here: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/android-m-takes-center-stage-at-google-io/?tag=nl.e101&s_cid=e101&ttag=e101&ftag=TRE684d531


Safe calling!

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