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Propane tank under carriage

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This is the time of the year I do much of the maintenance on the RV. I took the propane tank tray out

so I could clean, and oil the bearings because it has been getting harder to move in and out. I was

wondering if it would be smart to install a bottom to that compartment or does it need to be open for

ventilation? It is sealed off from the basement with a metal compartment like a generator, but gets dirt, mud, water, and even small rocks from below. I'm sure even a light weight plastic bottom would keep much

of the trash away from the tray. What do you think?


Dick T

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The reason that those spaces normally have openings in the bottom is because propane is heavier than air and so if you have a leak the propane will drop out the bottom and spread out to be dissipated. It is a safety issue. You could probably close it in safely if you provide some means of that continuing to happen freely. Some sort of larger, open vents would probably do the job.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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