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repair Manuel or diagnostic codes for Whirlpool front load washer


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Model LHW0050PQ4

does anyone know how to run the diagnostic on these machines and what each code means?? How about a link to repair Manuel?

Yesterday running on quick wash at low spin it suddenly popped the breaker. Once breaker reset it will not spin

The lights are on, the pump runs. Drum can be hand spun so its no frozen up. It tries to spin but can't seem to make it around. The load was not unbalanced with something heavy

I am not a happy Gal with out my washer!!!

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Here's a link to the Sears site where you can download the manual. Don't know if it'll have the information you're seeking.




You can do an Internet search for your model...there was one site that said something about checking the drive belt when the machine wouldn't spin.

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I have found information on diagnostic procedures/codes in packets placed inside the appliance cabinet. You may need to remove a panel to see if one is inside the outer cabinet. It may also be attached to the back of the appliance in a plastic sleeve. That's where I found the last one for the dishwasher in the S&B. You may get lucky, who knows.




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Thanks for the hint Dave. Its not on the back or we would have found it when installed in the 5th wheel and when moved into the MH. Not yet wanting to yank it out of the closet until I have an idea of what those codes tell us.

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Our whirlpool had a panel along the bottom on the front of the cabinet. Would never have known it popped off if I hadn't watched the tech pop it off. The only thing inside that panel was a plastic sleeve with the "technicians diagnostic manual". Don't know if yours might have the same, but if the front bottom has a panel, pop it off by prying it off with a screw driver. Pops off hard.

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