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PHOTOS: 2016 Ford Super Duty aluminum prototype pickup explodes, burns to nothing during testing


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A team of testers driving a prototype 2016 Ford Super Duty Truck answered the industry speculation of whether they would follow the 2015 aluminum body F-150 with a 2016 Aluminum Super duty. That speculation is ended, this was.


Now folks, this was a prototype under testing. They do prototypes to catch issues like this before they go into production. The nine photos also catch one of two spectacular explosions. With Ford's recent track record of recalls for fire risks from cruise control switches

In some models, overheated Mustang under carriages that according to Ford have not caught fire to their knowledge, but are recalling before the deterioration causes a fire. If true, Ford is showing remarkable proactive steps to save lives from possible fires in Fords.


So check out the pics to see what I mean. This is an eye opening sequence of pics. Note that the test crew had plenty of time to get out, no one was hurt. It was a test but not intentional fire. Ford states they are investigating the fire that started in a wheel well, but do not know how or why it caught fire yet.




"Mishaps with prototype vehicles aren’t exactly surprising. After all, that’s why you build prototypes. So the mishaps—or in this case fiery, terrifying explosions—happen during the testing phase and hopefully not after release to the general public.


But the way this prototype 2016 Ford Super Duty went up in flames during a recent test drive in Death Valley, California, wasn’t your run of the mill snafu.


According to Road & Track, the pickup was towing a two-axle trailer loaded up with water tanks when a fire started in the truck’s wheel well. As you can see in the photos above, things quickly escalated from there. Luckily the Ford engineers inside the truck quickly abandoned ship. The spy photographers who caught these amazing images told Road & Track that within three minutes the whole truck was consumed in flames. Just 18 minutes and a few explosions later, the truck had been reduced to a pile of charred parts.


Ford has not yet announced whether or not the production 2016 Super Duty will in fact have an aluminum body like the 2015 F-150, but the spy photographers who captured these images said that this particular prototype did.


Ford told Automotive News that it had not yet determined a cause for the fire but is investigating the incident.


Fire consumes a 2016 Ford Super Duty prototype. Click through the gallery to see the progression of the fire."


Click on the link to see the nine photos of the fire from near the start to the surprisingly tiny rubble pile. Stunning pictures, not videos can be seen here: http://www.equipmentworld.com/photos-2016-ford-super-duty-aluminum-prototype-explodes-burns-to-nothing-during-testing/#sthash.bDgxYRUI.dpuf

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Man, I hate it when that happens. Are they sure it's not a magnesium body? :o


It looks like the fire either started under the wheel well (possibly a plastic piece rubbing against a tire, as it looks like smoke is coming off the center tread portion of the tire in photo #3) or inside the engine compartment, (possibly initiated by a fuel line rupture as the fuel line runs along the driver's side) with flames exiting the wheel well/front side panel area. It doesn't look like it has anything to do with the aluminum body per se though.



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I'm pretty sure I saw that series of photos almost a year ago. One of my close friends is the fleet manager for the largest dealer in Nevada and it just so happens we had a conversation about the aluminum Super Duty last week. He said the 2016 is in production now to allow for shutting down the production line early to allow for retooling for the all new design 2017 aluminum Super Duties.

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Yeah it was, and it was from 2014. I just am very interested to see a SuperDuty Ford with an aluminum skin and gas or diesel mileage figures. Soon? Maybe. I always like h Ford cab and suspension but prefer the Cummins as I've already sold two with a combined near million miles between them. My 92 1 ton with an estimated 600-700k miles as the odo broke but the speedo worked fine. My mechanic bought it. It is still on the road looking good but dented by his farm antics.


My other one I bought with 300k miles on it and sold it running and looking good with 425k miles.


My current is a 2006 much quieter diesel. 125k miles on it, 20 mpg as a daily driver.


If Ford can make a 30 miles per gallon diesel, off load, I might have to buy one almost new, to try it.

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