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In 5 years, 80 percent of the whole Internet will be online video


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I can believe it. But it bodes very well for RVrs because they also know that mobile broadband streaming is the next big thing




"Video is eating the Web.

Already, we know that Netflix accounts for one-third of Internet traffic at peak hours. Toss in YouTube, and that figure rises to roughly half of all bandwidth consumed. But even that's small potatoes compared with what's coming. In five years, 80 percent of the entire world's Internet consumption will be dominated by video. That number will be even higher in the United States, approaching 85 percent.


That's according to the latest projections from Cisco, which publishes an annual study peering into the near future of the Web. The newest report, out Wednesday, predicts that by 2019, the Internet will have become more or less a big video pipe. Part of the growth will come from adding new people to the Internet — for the first time, over half the world's population will be digitally connected. But individual Internet users are also expected to consume more video over time, and at a higher quality, which will put tremendous new burdens on the world's Internet infrastructure.


"The cord-cutting household [consumes] more than twice as much data per month as non-cord-cutters," said Robert Pepper, Cisco's vice president of global technology policy.


When you see the Internet as a huge distribution channel for video, it puts virtually everything that tech and communications companies are doing into perspective. Telecom firms like Verizon are racing to expand their cellular networks so that they can deliver video over LTE. Cable companies are fleshing out their public WiFi hotspots so users can watch videos outside their homes. Content providers like HBO and CBS are putting their programming on the Internet so that customers don't have to be tethered to their television sets."


Much more with charts here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2015/05/27/in-5-years-80-percent-of-the-whole-internet-will-be-online-video/?wpisrc=nl_tech&wpmm=1

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I sure hope we can hang onto to our unlimited data. Keep waiting for the other shoe to drop from this current round of pushing and shoving. FCC had delivered it's first punch, but suspect ATT/Verizon/Sprint are looking for an opening via old fashion lobbying of congress. And of course, the law firms will al get several more million before a decision on 'a winner' is determined:)!


Exciting times ahead, and staying off contract makes more sense now then it has in the past...


Best to all,


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The bandwidth will get there as soon as we eliminate anti competition laws keeping the current Telco and cable companies their monopoly in much of America outside the larger cities like here.


Municipal networks blow them away and lower the cost of local taxes and utility costs in many cases. Satellites are coming soon with less lag than current phone services. It is moving fast. The contracts and legislation needs to allow locals to participate and if the Telcos and cable companies can't compete let them die rather than create further taxation by monopolization as we are seeing happen today. They are not too big to fail. Open up competition now.

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All I can say, is for me, either at home or in the rv on a wireless or via a telco hotspot - the bandwidth is already very slow and horrible.


MORE video Can only make it worse - NEED MUCH BETTER BANDWIDTH!


How can we as 'consumers' and private citizens 'encourage' the telco's and other internet providers to give us more and faster bandwidth?

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