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Phoenix Cruiser Owners?


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Hi, all. We are full-timers who currently tow a Mobile Suites 5th Wheel with a Freightliner Sportchassis. We're thinking of downsizing to a Class C and are looking carefully at the Phoenix Cruiser Model 2910T. Is anyone out there driving a Phoenix Cruiser? If so, please raise your hand and we'd like to chat with you (online or offline) about your experience with it.



David & Kathy Scranton


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Hello--I sent you a pm. Will be happy to talk about my experience with PC. Also, as I noted in the pm, your best bet about information specific to a certain model would be to join their online forum and ask questions there. They have a good bunch of knowledgable, helpful customers.

Best of luck in your decision-making process!

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Hi David and Kathy,


I am in long-term research mode, so I have no "real" experience!!! :) However, Phoenix Cruisers are fantastic units. They are definintely on my short list. I like the 2552. However, the 2910T is a SWEET floor plan. I bet this would be an easy transition from a 5er. Plus, you will really enjoy the quality of the PCs.


Keep us posted!!!


Take care,



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