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Over 40' in a motorhome?


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Is there a special DL that you need?

Special drivers licenses for RVs are required in some states if your coaches GVWR is 26,001 or higher and/or you are towing something like a car or trailer. Also depends on the weight of the towed vehicle. I am unaware of any length license requirements. It all depends on the state that your DL is issued in. For instance, Texas requires a Class B license for the over 26K rigs, Alabama, where we used to be domiciled, has no requirements for special licenses for RVs.

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According to your profile, you live in California.


In California you can drive any motorhome (CA calls them house cars) up to 40 feet long on a normal Class C license (the kind everyone has to drive a car), regardless of how they are equipped or how much they weigh. In other words, you don't need an air brake endorsement if they have air brakes.


If the motorhome is over 40 feet, but not over 45 feet, then you need a minimum of a Class B non commercial license with the proper endorsements (ie air brake endorsement)


With either of these two licenses, you can tow a trailer or towed vehicle weighing up to 10000 pounds. Here is a DMV link to a chart explaining this.


The other restrictions you will have with a motorhome between 40 and 45 feet in CA is what roads you can drive on. There will be some roads that you will not be allowed to drive on with a motorhome this large. Here is a a Cal Trans link explaining this.

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