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Mardi Gras?


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We are thinking about 'doing' Mardi Gras in 2017. We will be 70 years old. Is there any point in going?? Not interested in the drinking or late nights. Mainly want to see some parades and feel the energy. Is it safe? If we go, where should we stay with a Class A motorhome? Thanks for any input! Ellen

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We were a little younger than that when we did it. But we ran into many folks the age you are talking about and they were having a wonderful time as we did. And you should try to make it until at least 11 PM. one night. One thing I will warn you, please go with an open mind, we had a ball. Outstanding food, etc. We stayed at combination mobile home park/RV park which worked well. We jumped on the city bus in front of the park and it dropped us off at the French Quarter. But if we do it again, we'll stay on the West Bank at Bayou Signette (SP) State Park. A great place. As far as safety there was no issue. When in crowds like that use common sense, probably the most prevalent thing is pick-pocketers, although we had no problem. Let the fun times roll!

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Fun for sure but "can" be dangerous if you don't pay attention. The only place in the world I have ever had my pocket picked successfully but they did not get my "regular" wallet so did not get everything but did get nearly $200. in cash. I was being really carefull and aware and they still got me. I knew it had happened in probably 30-45 seconds but could not have said who did it. I still like mardi gras and have been back several times but the last few times were day or afternoon parades which are more family oriented. Some friends have been there several times for the halloween events and say they really like that but I have no experience there. Mobile, Al has Mardi Gras and it is pretty much G rated and I have enjoyed that one as well as some of the small town town parades in other locations. Shreve Port / Bossier has some god parades I have been to. I think one is called Mud Bug Madness. Tampa, Fl. has something similar in the late winter, early spring called the Gaspirilla something and has a big parade an a cerimonial captureing of the city by pirates based on some histiorical events.

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The pick pocket warning is very appropriate as you will be in a big crowd along parade routes. Also if beads or coins fall on the ground near you DON'T reach down with your hands to pick them up or somebody will stamp on your fingers. (A friend had 3 fingers broken that way). Put your foot on the item and wait for the float to pass, THEN pick it up.

Mardi Gras is fun and you should experience it once.

When we lived in New Orleans we left town during Mardi Gras!

No ideas on where you should stay, it's likely to be busy everywhere.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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