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EternaBond instead of caulk

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I have been considering using Eternabond tape along the EPDM roof seam at the gutter instead of recaulking. Has anyone done this and if so how is it holding up?



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There are a number of threads on this if you do a search, but I don't think anyone has had any problems. I did mine three years ago. Used 2" gray EB tape. The key is preparation - I used mineral spirits to thoroughly clean the gutters and surrounding area. Then slowly, carefully apply the tape. I used wooden popsicle sticks to smooth the tape into the gutters. After three years, it looks like the day I put it on. Much better than fighting the caulking.

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The key is preparation - .


X2. Which is also true with caulk, but IMHO even more so with eternabond. It doesn't take much to strip a caulk line away and start fresh, but that eternabond is a double edged sword. Fantastic stuff, but darn near need a blowtorch to get it off. :P On the bright side.. if you take your time and prep properly you won't have to touch your seams in the next decade. :lol:

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I had a leak where the fiberglass front cap merged with the rubber roof. I removed the old caulk, re-caulked with Dicor. Let it sit for a week and then put Eternabond tape over the new caulk. No leak but I pity to poor new owner if/when he wants to remove it - BUT, he should never have to!!!!


BTW - buy the eternabond tape from a roofing supplier rather than a camping supply. Wayyyyyy cheaper.

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I applied eternabond tape on the seam where the front cap meets the rubber roof and it is holding up very well. Another thing I have tried on other area's that have an irregular surface is spray rubber sealer. You can buy it at Walmart in clear and white. I've used it around the antenna and skylights just to test it and see if it holds up well over time without having any adverse reactions with the rubber roof. After six months it seems to be just fine.



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