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infared heaters


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The problem with that type of heater is that they can and do start fires and with the limited space of an RV I would consider them to be dangerous. It might be helpful to you if you were to read this article about the use of electric space heaters in RVs. It addresses the various types of heater and also safety issues related to each in an RV and was published in Escapees Magazine some years ago.

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When people say "infrared" heaters I wonder fi that's really what they're referring to.


If you are going to use any type of portable electric heater than the link Kirk posted is worth reading. I use those when I'm hooked up. No fire hazard and very low risk of being burned by accidentally touching the device.


Lots of people confuse catalytic and infrared heaters when they refer to portable propane powered heaters. Although a gas catalytic heater does heat by infrared emissions, they are NOT the same thing. A catalytic heater (like the Olympian or even the Mr. Buddy) is much safer because it puts out far less deadly gas products from the burning process. The chemical reaction in a catalytic heater makes it the only choice for use in an RV but there are other dangers to this sort of heater than simply the combustion products.


Even a catalytic heater will consume oxygen and since most RVs are pretty small spaces (some 5ers excepted) you must have some way of making sure that the oxygen your catalytic heater consumes is replenished.


I have catalytic heaters and I am reluctant to use them at night when everyone in the coach is sleeping but I suspect that as long as at least one window is open they are relatively safe. Catalytic heaters are responsible for very few deaths. Infrared heaters are responsible for a lot of deaths. Plenty of documentation on the Internet on this subject.


This link to a page at the consumer product safety commission can explain it for you: http://www.cpsc.gov/pagefiles/103972/co03.pdf



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this is what I was thinking of. I know that honeywell puts out a good product and there not a fly by night company like some of them are as some filed bankruptcy but they stll make em. so warranty would be an issue if god forbid something did go wrong with the unit. I do agree with WDR about catalytic heaters as well as the my buddy heaters. not saying there bad units but id'e be to afraid that I would not wake up one day :blink: . but it looks as a ceramic heater is a better choice cause it runs at a lower temp from what kirk wrote vs a infared quartz heater

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