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RAM 4500

Chuck Johnson

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Anyone out there utilizing a 20xx something RAM 4500 to pull with. Looking at purchasing a 2015 with a CM - SK bed equipped with a Reese 30K hitch.

Using a RAM 3500 4wd DRW to pull my Montana. Going full time and have been looking at a DRV Mobile Suites.

Interestered in problems, fuel mileage, etc - any input would be appreciated.




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I am towing 20k Teton with a 3500 Duramax. It had plenty of power, actually power to spare and tows it fine. But I feel very small in it. I was towing thru a construction zone with concrete barriers on each side of 2 lane small road. An HDT with trailer passed me in this. I almost ruined my shorts. I am going to upgrade to a HDT because of this. The 4500 actually derates the power so it will have less than a 3500. But it is no larger than a 3500. The HDT will actually be better on mpg and way safer. We are going to get a Smart and tow on deck for our commute. Then sell my 3500. jfyi

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HDT is not for everyone, however as the trailer weight gets over the pickup weight consider the dynamics of the trailer being the "tail-that-wags-the-dog"..........IF you tow enough you WILL need to make a short distance stop in adverse conditions sooner or later and this is where a HDT simply pays for itself in 10Seconds!!


NO Super-Pickup can hope to compare with ease of a HDT towing a load at less FAR than 50% rating, when in the real world Super-Picks are over-rated to start with and then the large RV trailers tax the ratings at 90% to 110% in many cases..........simply not a fair fight..


We towed with super-pickups too long and now with the Freightliner life is sweet and we spend less $$$ and enjoy life with the ease of towing now.


Try a HDT, you might like it.....


Happy travels...

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I agree with the statement an HDT not for everyone. But I for one verify that towing this much weight with a "super pickup" gets old fast. They are a pain in the but for a commute vehicle also. I don't mind having to walk from parking at end of wally world but it is the smaller rv parks and places I am forced to go that I can't maneuver this long truck in.

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